Motherhood is a profoundly challenging and important life role that dwarfs all others. Being a great mom is a spectacularly difficult achievement. Being a really good mom is just slightly less difficult. And being a good mom most of the time is a truly worthy a accomplishment. Even those who tried and too often, in their own minds or in the minds of their children, fell short deserve genuine gratitude.

It is almost impossible to avoid the cliches, banalities and trite-isms about mothers and Mother’s Day. It is easy to meet are filial duties with clever cards, beautiful flowers and lavish dinners but these are appropriate tributes to our own mothers and the mothers of our children only if they are accompanied by real and deep feelings and expression of true appreciation for the countless sacrifices that made our lives better. Even if your mom is gone, even if she was not the ideal Hallmark perfect person, look back and feel genuine gratitude and love. Today I think of my mother with fondness and sadness and the regret that she passed away too early, before I truly appreciated her. But I can express to Anne, the mother of my fabulous children my deepest and most sincere awe and gratitude.


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