The “What Will Matter” Poem

This blog gets its name from a moving and inspirational poem by Michael Josephson. Originally broadcast as a radio commentary and posted on Josephson Institute’s website in 2003, What Will Matter‘s verses are timeless and universal. The poem is now available in a variety of formats: a video slideshow on CD, a YouTube video, a poster, a free pdf download, and the original blog entry with audio.

Those who support Josephson Institute’s educational work with a tax-deductible donation receive an attractive, full-color print of the poem. To show his gratitude, Michael personally signs copies for those who donate $100 or more. Donate here »

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  3. Merle and Karen Shultz

    This video/UTube (Not sure what it is) is absolutely beautiful and I cannot listen to it enough. How can I receive a copy of it as I would like to have it played at my funeral so I need to be able to keep it till needed. The words and the piano music is outstanding. I really do like it and enjoy listening to it.

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