COMMENTARY 832.1: Perfect Father’s Day Gift

When I was young, I idolized my father, judging him for his virtues. For most of the rest of my life, I criticized him, judging him for his faults. I always loved him, but I didn’t always appreciate him. I was so aware of his imperfections (surely, no worse than my own) that I greatly undervalued his good qualities and …

QUOTE: Most of us will misplace our trust and experience the pain of disappoinment and betrayal. At these times we must have the courage and confidence to find someone else and trust again because without trust there is no intimacy and without intimacy there is only loneliness. Don’t let bad experiences cause you to stop searching for and having good ones. Someone who says, “Ill never trust again” may as well be saying “I will never love again.” And if you are unwilling to love, you lose one of the main reasons to live. Michael Josephson


Forgiveness is not what we do for others; it’s what we do for ourselves so we can get well and move on.