Ethics are about ought

Ethics are about the ought, not the is. Ethics are not about the way things are, but about the way they should be. – Michael Josephson.  – Ethics are

We’re all ethical in our own eyes

-When it comes to our self-perception of our ethics, most of us have delusions of grandeur. – Think of the most ethical person you know. Do a lot of people come to mind or only a few? Are you having trouble thinking of anyone? If I asked that question of the people who know you well, how many would name …

COMMENTARY: “You’re Only Cheating Yourself”

It’s in the news all the time – kids are cheating in school in new ways and at unprecedented rates. One of the reasons is the way schools and parents deal with or ignore the underlying issues of integrity and character. For instance, to discourage kids from cheating, adults commonly say, “You’re only cheating yourself.”

ETHICS IN THE NEWS: Cheating at Harvard

A survey of the 2016 graduating class at Harvard revealed that 21 percent of seniors admitted to cheating during their time at Harvard. More than 90 percent said they did so on a problem set or regular homework assignment, while 23 percent said they did so during an in-class exam.

Why Ethics is More and Better Than Compliance by Michael Josephson

Most corporate compliance programs consist of cursory, general and uninspiring training, a place to ask questions and a staff to monitor adherence to laws. These programs are important to assure that employees have knowledge of the laws so they don’t carelessly or inadvertently break them, but they almost never deal effectively with intentional violations committed either for what is thought …