COMMENTARY 923.4: How Honest Are You?

Yesterday I marveled at the honesty of Patrick and Catherine for going to great lengths to return my wallet. Perhaps you would have done the same thing, but being scrupulously honest in all things is more difficult than it seems and more rare than it should be. Here’s a little quiz to test your honesty. Now be completely honest. I’ll … Read More

COMMENTARY 923.3: The Saga of the Lost Wallet

I suspect it’s an indication of low expectations that I was so delightfully surprised when I found a note on my door Saturday afternoon from a person who said they found my wallet a few hours earlier. Apparently, after pulling out my credit card to get gas, I put my wallet on the top of the car for a moment … Read More

COMMENTARY 923.2: Motive, Tact, Tone, Timing

Trustworthiness is essential to good relationships, and honesty is essential to trustworthiness. Being honest isn’t simply telling the truth, though. It’s also being sincere and forthright. Thus, it’s just as dishonest to deceive someone by half-truths or silence as it is to lie. But what if honesty requires us to volunteer information that could be damaging or hurtful? For example, … Read More

P0STER: 12 Truths About Lying

1 12 Truths About Lying

12 TRUTHS ABOUT LYING. 1. Honesty may not always pay, but lying always costs. 2. Trust is a tower, built stone by stone, lies take stones from the bottom. 3. There is no security in secrecy; every undiscovered lie is a live landmine. 4. Lies breed a bodyguard of new lies to protect themselves. 5. Lies look very different to … Read More

OBSERVATION: “Our moral obligations and the expectations people have of us do not go away just because we ignore them.” – Michael Josephson

I once saw a cartoon depicting a CEO speaking to assembled management team at a conference table: “We have some difficult issues to resolve today. Before we begin, Ms. Gladstone, will you please hand out the moral blinders?” It may make the decision easier but it doesn’t make it better. We can’t escape moral responsibility  through legal loopholes — our conduct will … Read More

OBSERVATION: The Ethics of Numbers — Hitting the numbers without meeting the goals.

In the last decade, the ability to track and measure almost any factor of business performance on a daily, even an minute-by-minute basis, has resulted in an even greater emphasis on setting quantitative goals to assess effectiveness and drive effort. The concept of “hitting your numbers”  is a dominant theme in many organizations. The problem is, sometimes without the knowledge … Read More

QUIZ: What would you do? Do you give an honest reference?

You fired an employee for misuse of the Internet (He visited porn sites at work.), and for making inappropriate sexual remarks to a female co-worker.  A month later, you receive a call from a potential new employer who wants a job reference. Do you give a candid and complete report, even though you know it will probably prevent him from … Read More

COMMENTARY: Are Cynics Right? Is Lying Really Necessary? 752.3

What do you think? In today’s society, does a person have to lie or cheat at least occasionally to succeed? The question isn’t whether occasional liars and cheats sometimes get away with dishonesty; we all have to agree with this. The question is whether you believe people can succeed if they are not willing to lie or cheat. Those who … Read More