To Fathers – Good and Bad. Which are you? What do you wish you could do or say differently? Is it too late?

Let’s face it, even when viewed through the most generous lens, not all fathers have done or are doing the most important job of their lives well. What kind of dad have you been?

if you are one of the good guys who can honestly say you have done your best, that you have truly loved, supported, encouraged and nurtured your child through good and bad times, congratulations. You deserve sincere gratitude and praise (whether you get it or not) and I hope you feel today proud of your self. Still, is there anything you wish you did more of or less of?  What would you do differently?

I don’t know if any of us can you objectively assess ourselves as parents, but some of you know you haven’t earned idealized Hallmark Card sentiments. Did you try but come short? Did you never really try? What if you never embraced, enjoyed or accepted your role and responsibilities? Were you neglectful, physically or emotionally absent, hypercritical, jealous, or outright abusive? Is there any possibility of making amends? What would you now say you wish you did more of or less of?

If you I are the mom, what do you wish your children’s father had done? And if your dad was not what you deserved, don’t feel guilty, it wasn’t your shortcoming it was his. But what do you wish he did more of or less of?

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  1. I wish my children’s father would just show up and realize the best serotonin can be found in their child’s embrace, hopefulness, smile. You marry and divorce a parent, not your children. Juggling to be both.

  2. When a couple divorces, the father needs to keep any and all promises he makes to his children, go to the children’s events and be there when one of the children call for advise or assistance. And never make his own flesh and blood be second best.

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