QUOTE & OBSERVATION: “No one ever said on their deathbed ‘I wish I’d spent more time at the office.’ ” — Harold Kushner

Be careful that you are not giving up today something valuable that you can never get again.

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  1. Ironically, I just sent this quote to a colleague who was sending work emails at night after his wife just had a baby. Great quote to keep focused on what is important.

    1. Derek, this is not irony, this is coincidence. For it to have been ironic, some negative outcome would have had to have occurred. For example:

      “I went to the store to buy a reflective collar for my cat and then ironically, ran her over as I was pulling into the drive.”

      or, to amend your story to add some irony:

      “I recently sent this quote to a colleague who was sending work emails at night after his wife just had a baby. Ironically, the next morning, the office cleaners found him dead in his swivel chair, his lifeless hands clutching his favourite clipboard.”

  2. That quote goes back to the early 1990s. It’s a different world now. If you don’t want to spend more time at the office, they’ll find someone who will.

  3. Other quotes that may be of interest. Even though the quotes are directed to attorneys, they apply equally to most vocations:

    “When I became a lawyer, I promised myself that I would not become a workaholic and that I would take time for my family. I have found that it is possible to be successful and not be a workaholic. It is deeply ingrained in some lawyers that they have to work nights and weekends to be successful. They cannot think it through in any other way.” Philip Maphey

    “hustle and full court press at work are virtues. There is important work to be done. The practice of law is a way to bring Christian values to the world. We have short, very short lives. So I go to work and I hustle. My time is very important to me and as a Christian I am responsible to make work as productive and fruitful as possible.” Charles DiSalvo

  4. Tim, you are missing the point that Derek made. His colleague had just had a new baby, yet he was not spending time with this blessing but, sending ruddy emails after work hours!
    No need to be pedantic. Derek was right in making the point that the child would only would only be a baby for so long and was a blessing and work is just that – work. It is a means of earning money to buy things not love.

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