Drake University & CHARACTER COUNTS! Transition

Proud that Scott Raecker and Drake University will be the stewards of CHARACTER COUNTS! and Pursuing Victory with Honor but confess it’s harder than I thought-its like giving a child for adoption knowing the new parents will give the child a much better life. 

At 76 it’s time. Looking forward to figuring out how to downsize my life without Character Counts responsibilities and the help of wonderful team members, especially Amy Cornwell , Carrie Davis Marchant, Gary Smit, and Randy Doerksen who served with great passion and dedication. Glad that Gary, Carrie and Randy will continue to advance the mission.

Reminded of observation: don’t cry because it happened, smile because it happened.

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  1. You put a lot of work and passion into these programs and touched a lot of lives. Glad to see you are passing the baton on to a reputable entity that will continue your legacy work in the CHARACTER COUNTS program. I would like to also thank you for all the work you did for us here at CA POST (Peace Officer Standards & Training) which has touched the lives of thousands of peace officers. Job well done! Wishing you a healthy and smooth retirement. God bless you…

  2. Michael – Congratulations on working with Scott Raecker and Drake University to give Character Counts a good home with solid financial and academic backing. I know Drake University from my days running track and the famous Drake Relays, the premier athletic event. My experience in relays is two-fold: When passing the baton, run strong through the pass off, and when receiving the baton, don’t drop it!! I’m sure that both you and Scott will have a perfect hand-off! Best wishes for an active retirement and passing on the legacy of your parents and JIE. I enjoyed working with you while I was at Pepperdine. Mazel Tov! Rick

  3. Michael, you have fulfilled a wonderful dream and have given so much to so many people. The wisdom you have shared is priceless. God Bless You!!!

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