The “What Will Matter” Poem

This blog gets its name from a moving and inspirational poem by (vanessa sixxx) Sexy Solo Freak Hot Girl Play With Things video-27 – tits,teen,pussyMichael Josephson. Originally broadcast as a radio commentary and posted on Josephson Institute’s website in 2003, What Will Matter‘s verses are timeless and universal. The poem is now available in a variety of formats: a video slideshow on CD, a YouTube video, a poster, a free pdf download, and the original blog entry with audio.

Those who support Josephson Institute’s educational work with a tax-deductible donation receive an attractive, full-color print of the poem. To show his gratitude, Michael personally signs copies for those who donate $100 or more. Donate here »

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  3. This video/UTube (Not sure what it is) is absolutely beautiful and I cannot listen to it enough. How can I receive a copy of it as I would like to have it played at my funeral so I need to be able to keep it till needed. The words and the piano music is outstanding. I really do like it and enjoy listening to it.

  4. Most grateful for this masterpiece. You have succeeded in summarizing our entire journey in this temporary world. Good job Sir!



  6. Recently received an email with the “What Will Matter” video. It was truly inspiring. So much so, that I wanted the words on paper. So I played the video, started and stopped it, until I had the words. Typed them (giving you author credit) so I could share it with others without my computer. Thanks for this beautiful life summary! Sarah Lange

  7. july 13 2016

    this has to be the best E mail I ever received.
    It brought tears to my eyes. I just lost my wife this past year.
    may God bless you always. Dominic

  8. I think ur the b est wow I really enjoy your poems but this one means the world to me I past this one on to my 7 children 18 grandkids & friends & people who i meet congratulations your work is owsome God bless

    1. I really feel so inspired after each and every poem and quotes….
      Metro fm ,my home….
      I wouldn’t mind if you send me daily inspiration on my email…

  9. Very moving piece that inspires you to be your best. Being that I’m a poet I really appreciated this have a wonderful day !!
    Laura McKenzie

  10. A dear friend of mine shared this with me over the weekend. Incredibly impactful! Thank you so much for this insight.

  11. Very inspiring!

    A former top executive read it to
    some 100 participants of the University of Asia and the Pacific Agribusiness Executives Program
    on June 22 in Davao City, Philippines.

  12. Very inspiring and very true. It made me feel warm inside. If you have more expression please forward. Your expressions are making many people very happy. Good deed. I would like a CD of “What Will Matter” if possible what ever the charges are so I can show it to my family and friends. Thank you Marshae Kinney

  13. I am a judge in Texas and would love a stack of WHAT WILL MATTER to have available for distribution for lawyers. How can I get a box full?

  14. I am writing a book about my sister and using the poem “What Will Matter” of Michael Josephson as a basis and inspiration for the book because my sister is truly someone who is living a life of significance. I would like to include the full poem in my book’s preface and make references to it throughout the book. Do I need your permission so I am not in violation of any copyright. Please do let me know. I will be happy to make a donation to the Josephson Institute. Thank you!

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