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Michael Josephson is the founder of Josephson Institute, which runs Ethics Centers focusing on youth (CHARACTER COUNTS!), sportsmanship, business, public service, and policing.

In this blog Michael takes on massage sexythe issues that define our days and lives — as he did for 15 years over the radio and on CharacterCounts.org. We welcome your comments and feedback.

More about Michael and the Institute:

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  1. Hello, Michael. This is Otto Stockmeyer (stockmen@cooley.edu). Thank you for your recent comments on my IRAC blog post. I appreciate your confirmation of my attempt to trace your proselytizing.

    As for my sources, I followed BRC’s early years as a lawyer here in Michigan. The information on BRC’s enrollment and its sale comes from the New York Times (https://www.nytimes.com/1981/01/04/education/the-bar-review-course-high-anxiety-big-business.html) and your blog (https://whatwillmatter.com/about/bio/).

    Your two-volume “Learning and Evaluation in Law School” was immensely valuable to me as I commenced a second career as a law prof. It made me a better teacher, tester, and grader. All best wishes to you.

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