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  1. Happy Sabbath, I just watched the tape of “the life that matter.” Started with the serenity prayer.

    any way I could get a printed copy of this. I try with all my heart to live a life that pleases God and to
    be a blessing to others. “Christ living in me, and letting my light shine. I would cherish this forever.

    Thanks and God bless as you continue others. Love Jean Anderson

  2. Greetings and Happy 2016. I am a former educator from New Mexico who was so very fortunate to attend Character Counts! training with you in California. What a difference it makes and still makes in peoples lives. I have retired and now live back in my hometown in Texas, but it does my heart good to go into schools and still see the Pillars of Character listed. A close friend send me the link to What Will Matter and I am happy to open a subscription to it to stay in touch with the things you promote.

    God bless you and keep doing to good, positive things you do to promote living a positive life and being good citizens.

    1. Lela, I remember you well and will always be grateful for your support in helping promote teh CC! message. Hope you are well. – MJ

  3. Michael,
    I remember you well from your work with the IRS in the 1990s. I was one of the IRS employee instructors who walked our colleagues through the exercises and training. It really was a life-changing moment for me. I discovered that I was not as ethical as I thought I was. When people ask me today if the training made me more ethical, I tell them that it helps me recognize those occasions when I am not being ethical. Then it is up to me to make a choice. Thank you for your continued work.

  4. A friend sent me a lovel video from this site. Hence I want to suscribe for it to enjoy more such profound videos.

    Gulu Jhangiani

  5. Hello there,
    Long time listening to the Podcasts. Very much appreciate the opportunity to follow the many pieces have been presented and broadcast over many years. Recently the podcasts have stopped transmitting. When checking the URL, it indicates that their website is no longer functioning.

    I wonder if it’s possible to check if there is an issue with the site.

    I do appreciate how busy the task of undertaking the work to. So appreciate that there are many moving parts.

    I look forward to following your work in the many podcasts in the future.


  6. I remember you from your tutorials in law school. You were wonderful in your ability to teach and to convey perspective. I am so happy to find you once more.

    1. Thank you so much. I hope you find value from these messages. I’m about to add alot more features to the website. – MJ

  7. I am a long time follower (since your days on the radio). Your messages have been INSTURMENTAL in both my personal and professional life sometimes beyond measure. As I approach retirement to be a “stay at home” Grandmother (which allows my daughter to return to teaching children with disabilities), I look forward to sharing

  8. I am a teacher and would like information on how to teach character as part of a social skills class.

  9. Thank you for providing this opportunity to “hear” you again Mr. Josephson! Thank you also for your websites and the information they provide, you truly are a National Treasure! I welcome your newsletter.

  10. I thank God to be privileged to know you. I believe that there is a purpose behind this. Please subscribe me with your newsletter. I have been going through this resource and is very resourceful, educating and informative.

    I can’t wait to part of you!

  11. Enjoy very much your work. I’m 73 and enjoy reviewing straight & truthful thoughts that you provide so that the much younger generation needs to hear. Great job. Thank you Rodger W. Garrison

  12. I just read the poem ‘what will matter’ …it really resonated for me at this time of my life…as I reflect back on my 70 yrs and the years to come. I will be donating to get a copy for framing. Looking forward to your emails & exploring the website.

  13. I would like to subscribe to your news letter and insightful commentary. Thank you for all you do and assisting in instilling good morals and values.

  14. This things are absolutely helpful to teens like me who are hungry for knowledge. Thanks and Im glad I found this through Mr. Bob. Great support for you and as soon as I get job I will donate here

  15. Knowledge is plentiful, wisdom is rare. We need more wisdom. Seeking truth and insight is a great reflection upon the seeker.
    The treasure when found is transformational.

  16. I have been regularly reading your posts and visiting the website for years now. So up lifting. I would be honored to be on the mailing list. Thank You and please keep being Great 🙂

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