Michael Josephson conducts ethics workshopMichael has conducted ethics programs for more than 100,000 leaders in government, business, education, sports, law enforcement, journalism, law, and the military. Corporate clients that have benefited from takes off her panties and – mas,blondeJosephson Institute’s customized services include Bank of America,massage sex Goodyear, Levi-Strauss, State Farm, Johnson & Johnson, Kroger, ITT, 3M, Kaiser Permanente, and Proctor and Gamble.

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  1. Hello Michael, we spoke years ago on a Sunday morning; you answered the phone when I called, and our conversation was about your quote in the Proctor Gallagher’s Insight of the day. You were surprised to hear about the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

    Today, I’m reading your article on toxic people and it resonates deeply with me. And I want to thank you for tackling this sensitive subject that personally is a sticky wicket in my family that unfortunately appears unresolvable after years.

    I reach out to those who understand this topic to express my gratitude; to give thanks for your good work; for reminding us of and to let you know the positive impact is does have on others, and just how much that matters.

    Thank you, Michael.

    Sincerely, Jane Austin

    I am currently a student of a Proctor Gallagher Coach, Di Russell who studied with Bob Proctor.

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