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  1. Hi Michael, My name is Deborah and I work for a non for profit organisation in a small town in Far North Queensland called the Community Support Centre Innisfail Inc. We produce a free bi-monthly newsletter, Talkabout, in which we have articles, poems and recipes etc that might be of interest to the community and I would like permission to use your poem ‘What Will Matter’ from your website in our next edition. I guarantee that your name, copyright and source for the information will be printed with the poem. Copies of our newsletter and information about our organisation can be viewed on our website at

    I look forward to receiving a positive response.
    Many thanks Deb

  2. Hi Michael, I would like to share a video with you. I am an aspiring filmmaker. I recently filmed nature scenery at a local park, added piano music and would like your permission to add your poem “What Will Matter” into the video. This is a non-commercial purpose video, the only purpose is to inspire others with your amazing poem (personally it has made a positive impact on me). I will add your name on the beginning and end credits. Looking forward to sharing this creative video with you, and hopefully with your permission, share with others.



    1. Sheree,
      It’s under the menu item “subscribe,” but I went ahead and started the process for you. Please look in your email for the subscription verification. Follow the instructions and you will be all set!
      Thank you!

  3. I am a Resident Services Coordinator for an Elderly Housing Complex in Somers, Connecticut. I would like permission to publish your poem in our Monthly Newsletter. It’s a great poem and I know our residents would love it. I will make sure your name and all of your information here would be published with your poem.

    Thank you for writing such a great piece.

  4. Thanks so very much, Michael, for producing and sharing your Revised Compilation of “CHARACTER: Greatest Quotes on Character, Reputation & Character Education”. It’s one outstanding reference and teaching-learning tool.
    Re: June 10-16, 2016 e-mail Newsletter. The last poster photo displayed titled, “An Everyday Gift” triggers a ‘Oops…’ when
    clicked! I’ve attempted both ‘Search’ and ‘Archives’, but “An Everyday Gift” cannot be found. The date on the poster is 2013.
    Any explanation…?

    With Gratitude & Cheers,

  5. Your poem is so beautiful! I first heard it while watching the documentary “A Beautiful Truth.” I am preparing a PowerPoint presentation for an upcoming large meeting and my hope was that you would grant me your permission to use it. This presentation is for therapy dogs at our hospital.

    1. Sorry I did not notice this comment earlier. If it is not too late please know you are very welcome to use the poem. I am glad you like it. – Michael

  6. Michael,
    Years ago, I came across “Choose to Live a Life That Matters.” I jokingly said to my husband– if I go before you, make
    sure this is part of my funeral program. I love the words. Well, unexpectedly, my husband of 30 years left me this past
    March 9th. We wanted to celebrate his 80th Bday on April 19th–instead, it became his Aloha Farewell Event. I put your
    words behind the program. I apologize for not asking permission– we had a major time conflict and I insisted your words be
    placed in the program. It went to over 1,000 who attended and another 1,000 who sent condolence cards. And many people
    place your words on their computer and billboards. The words so eloquently fit the life my husband lived– his life mattered
    to people in law school, medical school and the State Judiciary. He retired as the State Judge of ICA 10 years ago. He was
    my soulmate, love of my life, and Im having difficulty adjusting to his departure. But your words bring comfort, because he did choose to live a life that matters. I would like to mail a copy of the funeral program to you. Mahalo and Aloha, emme t. burns

    1. Dear Emme, I am so sorry for your loss and so proud and happy you found comfort and value in my words. My sincerest best wishes to you in this time of adjustment. – Michael

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