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  1. I think your work is vital today. I pray that you will always be healthy and prosperous, and that you remain enthusiastic about your work.


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  2. I have always to the pillars of character and once as Executive Director for an organization trained the whole team and organization to live and breath every part of it through regular meetings and contributing areas in their life where they were walking the talk in their lives. I must ay that it changed the organization- one mistake though – or a learning opportunity; I should have had a trainer train the board – I thought they’d fall into mix like everyone else but I was wrong and it was not long after we were living and breathing life as followers of Michael Josephson, they decided that I was not a good fit (too ethical for them). I’m currently at a position with a new organization where I’m the finance director for a nonprofit organization. I have to have difficult conversations with my supervisor and my supervisor who is new to the organization has turned out to be very unethical, a bully, blatant liar and it has made it difficult to work in a hostile environment. I find solace in what I know to be true and that’s that Character does Count. Anything I can find to help staff with their troubles with our Executive Director I can sometimes find here but we need more from you so that we can survive this kind of management. Anything you can guide us to would be great!
    Thank you,

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      Thanks for your diligent and courageous pursuit of the Six Pillars. I am sorry it has caused difficulties in your life but it’s clear you understand what it means to do the right thing even when it costs more than you want to pay. You may find more practical advice for organizational ethics at our Leadership and Business blog.Let me know if it is helpful.

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  3. Michael,
    In today’s world it is easy to be cynical, and more difficult to find gratitude and the strength to commit to making a better person out of myself. I really value your products, and I try to expose your work to others.

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