Our Great Adventure 738.1

This commentary was supposed to be Part Two of a list of principles I prepared for my daughter, who is going off to college. But events have made two of these principles particularly pertinent:

  • When everything seems to be going wrong, take notes because your worst days often become your best memories.
  • The difference between a colossal inconvenience and great adventure and is perspective; find the fun and learning in every experience.

I’m recording this from New York City under circumstances that will test these beliefs.

My wife and I are here to help our daughter move into her college dorm, but we’ve been told that her Sunday move-in date is postponed to Monday in anticipation of Hurricane Irene. I know this may be optimistic and that the impending storm could cause serious harm, but for now, I choose to think of the upcoming days as an adventure that we will all remember and talk about forever.

We will be very prudent and should be safe, but if the hurricane directly hits Manhattan – which hasn’t happened in more than 100 years – it may be more of an adventure than we would like. There will be flooding in lower Manhattan, which may halt transportation, flood subways and streets, and close airports. Windows on the higher floors of the city’s many skyscrapers may be broken, streets will be strewn with glass and other debris, and torrential rains could last a few days.

Doesn’t seem likely we will move in on Monday or fly home Monday evening.

Please wish us well as we may need more wise sayings about adventure.

This is Michael Josephson reminding you that character counts.

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