A Grateful Goodbye to KNX Radio

Dr. Seuss said, “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”

So I’ve mustered my best smile to inform you I was recently given notice by KNX that they will discontinue running my radio commentaries as of October 17. Whatever business or programmatic reasons led to the decision, I want to express sincere and unequivocal gratitude to CBS and KNX for providing me this platform to talk about ethics and character for fourteen-and-a-half years. It has been an exceptional privilege to speak from my heart about things I care about. I hope it has made a difference.

For sound business reasons, I’m told, there will be no announcement on the radio, so if you know other KNX listeners, please tell them. As this newsletter is based on the radio commentaries, I haven’t decided yet whether I can or should continue the intense writing effort and justify the expense without the large radio audience. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

Win a Lunch With Michael Josephson!

In celebration of the end of one of the longest-running features in American radio history, five listeners or readers will enjoy a very special private lunch with Michael in Los Angeles, and receive personal gifts, including signed books of his commentaries and a signed copy of his classic poem, “What Will Matter.”

To qualify for the luncheon and gifts (transportation not included), write 250 words or fewer on how Michael’s commentaries have had a positive impact on your life. Send your entry to charactercounts@jiethics.org, and put “Commentary Contest” in the subject line of your e-mail. The deadline is midnight, October 17. Please stay within the word limit – it’s a matter of fairness.

We will read all submissions and select the top five. Later on, look for an announcement about a special webinar in which Michael will talk about what his connection to so many listeners has meant to him, and answer questions.

Comments 123

  1. I am sad to hear that you will no longer be broadcasting Character Counts on the radio. I have enjoyed listening to your commentary on the 6:51 broadcast on KNX. I recently just found your commentaries on-line, and hope you will continue to post them. Your commentaries remind us all how to be better citizens. Good luck and hope you find a new home for your broadcasts. We can all benefit.

  2. I am very saddened to hear this news! I very much enjoyed hearing your commentaries during my commute as they always remind me that “character counts.” I know it’s help me improve my character and I hope you continue to record your thoughts and post them on the internet. They mean more to me that you know and I find my heart wells up at the thougt of this cancellation.
    Fond kind wishes and best of luck,
    John Engstrom

  3. KNX has never had such a top writer and always says things from the heart…what are they thinking?????You are a very wise,smart,kind man…I always love your input you are very fair and balanced I hope some one else will have the insight to pick you up …..

  4. This news makes me very sad. I really enjoy the commentary, and it helps remind me to always try to do the right thing. I do hope that you can find the time/energy/passion to continue the written blog posts because they truly are inspiring.
    I plan to let KNX know how unhappy I am with their decision. They need feedback from their listeners, too!
    Thank you for the many years of thought-provoking commentary.

  5. I am beyond sad to hear that Character Counts commentaries will not be broadcasted after October 14th. Mr. Josephson, I teach a class at a Catholic girls high school in which part of my course is on Building Character. I not only read your commentaries frequently to my students (giving credit to having heard you on KNX every morning at 6:52 a.m.), but also tell them that your viewpoints challenge all of us to be better. Like any lesson, sometimes they are hard, sometimes they make us angry, but they always make us think and help us to grow into good people if taken to heart.
    I hope you are offered another forum to make your commentaries. If that doesn’t happen, I do hope that you’ll continue this site, as I will visit it several times a week, imagining I hear your voice: “This is Michael Josephson reminding you that Character Counts!” Thank you so much for your courage to SAY what is right.

  6. I first found about you on KNX radio and since have subscribed to your posts! I thought your radio commentaries were great and would really make me think and open up my mental palate in terms of ethics and such.
    I hope other stations take you on!

  7. Very sad news. I have always enjoyed your commentaries. Thank you for helping keep people’s feet on the ground a giving ud so many topics for personal reflection. I am a better person for having listened to you for so long and once again would like to say thank you Mr. Josephson.

  8. I am hopeful that KNX changes its mind about this. I am a former LA resident who now listens to the KNX news broadcast from San Diego. Your commentaries have helped me reflect inward and create positive changes in my life. Since you are a 501(c)(3), can they call your segment a donation and write it off? I will be disapponted if they don’t reconsider this change.

  9. I always look forward to your commentaries on KNX and I find it to be a huge disservice to the community to discontinue them. I hope they reconsider, because 1-2 minutes of air time is not too much to ask for such powerful and inspirational messages. I would like to continue listening to your commentaries. I sometimes replay them when I receive the weekly email. Thank you, Mr. Josephson, for your commitment to character education so please don’t discontinue them in spite of this setback.

  10. Dear Michael,
    I am excited to see what door opens that will allow you to spread your positive light to an even larger audience. Many blessings to you.

  11. I will truly miss hearing your fantastic commentaries on the radio, but I want to thank you with all my heart for the years you did them and for your work in general. It is not just important, it is ESSENTIAL.
    And fro what it’s worth, I will happily follow you to any other venue for your commentaries

  12. 14.5 years – WOW! That’s such an impressive body of work. In this world of ever-changing interests and lack of attention spans, that is really amazing. Few TV shows even make it a couple of years.
    Your commentaries HAVE made a difference. From the very first one I heard on my drive home from work, it grabbed me and made me pay attention. I’ve looked forward to them ever since. The written commentaries are wonderful, but I really love hearing Michael’s voice and the way he tells the stories. So meaningful.
    Thank you, Michael Josephson!

  13. I am so very sorry to learn of this. I listen to KNX daily and always look forward to your commentaries. It’s my hope that another broadcaster will offer you the opportunity to continue sharing your positive, rightful (and righteous), and enlightening commentaries. Best wishes.

  14. I’ve enjoyed reading the regular articles and quotes sent. I have shared these with my staff and students. I will also be very saddened if these should end. You have kept a focus on character for all of us to follow!!!

  15. It is unfortunate that your commentaries will no longer be broadcast, but please don’t stop writing them! I work in higher education and use your written commentaries from the newsletter with my students daily. They’ve never heard you on the radio (I don’t think they know what that is anymore!) but they certainly read your commentaries when I post them on Facebook or forward them via email. There are so many other ways to share your message. It would be such a loss if you stopped writing.

  16. I will miss you on KNX. You have been my staple for my drive since 2002. Your commentaries opened up my mind and my heart. Many a time I would forward some of the wisdoms to my peers.
    Mr. Josephson, I pray that you will continue on with your writing.

  17. What a sad indictment of good honest values and a wonderful service you have provided to so many people. As I am in Australia I have never heard your radio broadcasts, however, I have received your emails weekly since 2007 and have been uplifted by articles too numerus to mention. I share them with family and friends and have quoted and acknowledged your thoughts in many forums.
    Maybe God has a greater plan. Wait on the Lord to lead you.
    You have handled this situation with great dignity.
    Along with the other respondents, I too would be grateful if you could see your way clear to continue the email service. Sincere thanks for the difference you have made in this world.

  18. I have never heard the radio program, but I’m sure it’s great. I’m sorry that anything positive is no longer to be, especially in these days of negativity. The world needs more character and positive thoughts, not less. Hopefully you will continue to write the commentaries here. I enjoy them a lot.

  19. There are never sound business reasons for depriving the public of such a needed reminder. I guess for KNX Character does not count.

  20. Your regular comments are like the Good Morning greeting that Benny gave to the bus riders. All of us who listened to you and read this commentaries are the new Bennie’s. We can continue the legacy you started by shouting out when we see injustice and unethical behavior. You have shown us the way. Now that you are not preparing for the daily story you have additional time to do good in many other manners. I expect this change will be good for you and good for the community. Fourteen and one-half years is a very long run. Congratulations and Thank you.
    Philip Henderson, ethical magician

  21. I first became aware of your commentaries when you spoke at VBS in Encino now so many years ago. I’ve since been a dedicated listener and/or reader. Since my commute doesn’t always coincide with your radio time slots, I’ve come to rely on and look forward to reading your commentaries every week. I can truly share that I have been enriched and enlightened by your commentaries, have shared them with friends and family often (but not in a paternalistic way, of course!) and, if you do decide to stop writing, I will miss them immensely. I hope you continue, because you have so much to offer, but whatever you decide, please know that you have been a most positive impact and very much appreciated in this household.

  22. I too will write to CBS/KNX. This is very discouraging and upsetting. With all the negative material being broadcasted, why would they make such a horrible decision to remove such a positive influence.

  23. In a world where too much time is spent on superficial activities, your one minute of broadcast commentary was an oasis of meaning, ethics and personal growth. I can’t tell you how many times I would listen to your 6:52am broadcast and come away so impacted, I’d actually well up with emotion. Your messages hit a human chord that should resonate in everyone. When I was challenged to write a message for my senior son’s high school yearbook, I took a look at some of the work on the character counts website as inspiration. He was very touched by the positive, encouraging, spiritual and uplifting message. I truly hope that you can find an equivalent outlet for your work. There is just nothing else like it.

  24. I read your commentaries every week. As a high school principal and nor in central office, I have used many of your ideas and commentaries with students and staff. I sincerely hope you continue to write and send these every week – even if it one each week. They help me and others reflect on our own lives as well as trying to influence others positively.

  25. Michael,
    You play a major role in keeping ethics where it should be; at the forefront of our minds. I know at times this work may seem tedious, thankless, and at times even pointless. Nevertheless, I want you to know that you are a gift to the world. There is no greater purose on earth than serving others. I do hope you continue your newsletter simply based on that. Michael, your work in ethics is not yet done. The world is and will continue to be a better place because of your courage to write from the heart in a way that stirs the mind to think and the spirit to act. Please keep the newsletter going, my friend!

  26. I listen to all of your commentaries, story’s and they make a difference in my life. You inspire me to be a good wife to my husband, and kind to everyone else. I try every day to live a good life and do the right thing and I get my lessons from you! Where will you be as I need to fill my cup with your words and then go out in the world and be the best that I can be. Please let us know what is your next adventure is, I want to be there.
    Thank you for all your unspiration!
    Diane keller

  27. I was saddened to read your news about your departure from KNX radio. I always waited to listen to your commentary as a way to brighten the day I was about to begin or to impart some insight to my troubles. I have been through several tragedies in my life and I have been comforted many a morning by your wisdom. Please find a way to continue to send your weekly emails – I will use them more than ever now. I wish you good luck, peace and true contentment that comes when one is surrounded with those they love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  28. Just my 2 cents. I think that KNX should shove it! I am not ranting, I am telling it like it is. I will no longer listen to KNX.
    I do not deny my feelings. I consider very carefully what I say and do. To remove something that causes excellent thought, inspiration, thought provoking topics and words … things that change lives for the better … its sickening how anybody with a clear consciousness would make a decision to deny others the opportunity to reach so many and for the better.
    The world is a better place because of you Mr. Josephson. I am heart broken that others would not want to allow your boulders of inspiration to ripple throughout the airwaves. Especially when so many individual’s character is challenged. Now more than ever people need verbal checks to assist in keeping them on the right path.
    I salute you Sir.

  29. Mr. Michael Josephson, I have been an avid listener to your commentaries for 2 years now. I listen every morning on KNX at 6:51am as I am in 2 hours of traffic 5 days a week. I truly look forward everyday to my little bit of peace in my heart and mind when you fill me with your knowledge on ethics.You have taught me so much in the short time that you are on the radio and have inspired me to think in such a different way that I have my wife and kids reading your commentaries online as well. If you do not continue on the radio, know that you will be deeply missed. I hope that you continue your commentaries online as we all need to be reminded that “Character counts”. Who knows, maybe this change is good! Maybe instead of just hearing you on the radio and reading your commentaries online, you’ll end up broadcasting on live Television as it is well deserved. Thank you again.

  30. I can’t believe CBS/KNX has decided to discontinue broadcasting your program! Over the years, I’ve felt validated and been challenged by your commentaries and observations, often resulting in my own growth.
    I sincerely hope that it will be picked up by another radio station or better yet a TV network soon.

  31. I wanted to share your commentary of a few days ago with my son and knew your website would have it; only to find out that you will no longer be on KNX. What a shame. I listen for your commentaries every day on the way to work. You always seem to have a comment on something relative to what’s going on in my life. I hope that you’ll continue your commentaries on this website or other broadcast. My best wishes to you.

  32. Hi,
    For the past 3 years I have been enjoying,listening and shaking my head at some commentaries. Thank you for the platform to view,learn and remember that we are human and all of us do not think the same about happenings,but we are obliged to treat each person in a humane way,like we ourselves would like to be treated.
    I think you reach far more people through this emails than the radio – it stretches over continents,are printed and taken home to ponder about and shown to friends and family.
    Thank you!

  33. Dear Michael,
    Your Leadership and Training in the world of Ethics has given me knowledge,confidence,courage and a deep GRATITUDE to God for You! To quote John Quincy Adams, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” Michael, you are THE LEADER of all leaders! I was stunned to read the breathtaking KNX news—your radio wisdom has been a teaching tool for our family…Personally, Jim and I never get tired of listening to you! In fact, we believe Your future is so bright, You and Anne better buy new sunglasses! Shalom.

  34. Have you thought about possibly doing a podcast? I know some very successful podcasts and they even have sponsors! I know that at least my generation (20s/30s) are probably more apt to list to podcasts over radio. I say go for it! We still need you!

  35. I too am very sorry to hear of this decision… please know (as I’m sure you do) that many lives have been touched or changed as a result of your commentaries. Any outlet you might choose to continue to share your thoughts will, I’m confident, be closely followed… certainly by me.
    Thanks so much.

  36. Mr. Josephson,
    I hope you will continue sending your thoughts out on email. I enjoy and use your commentaries and quotations in my work as a public school counselor. And besides, didn’t you know that the internet is taking the place of radio and TV?

  37. Add this to a very long list of KNX blunders. Now they have more time to report on the decline of American values, however they ( KNX ) don’t look at it that way. Mr. Josephson, I get so much out of your wisdom. Your emails will suffice, for now. God Bless.

  38. I live in Bangkok, Thailand and eagerly await your commentaries received weekly by e-mail. For me they have been a great inspiration and catalyst for positive action for over ten years. I routinely share your wise insights with my children and colleagues. I truly hope that you will find another outlet to share your wisdom. Our airwaves and media are too full of the reporting of uh-o’s and misdeeds. Your reminders that we are always responsible to act responsibly are greatly needed. Thank you most profoundly – keep sharing.

  39. It is another sad commentary on our world, and on the media world in particular, that your commentaries are being eliminated from broadcast dissemination. The work that you do is very important to our social, political, and personal life. I hope that you will find ways to continue your fine work for the betterment of our world.

  40. Oh, Michael…I cannot TELL you how disappointed I am! If there was EVER a time in the history of mankind when we as a human race need constant reminding of what it takes to be good…what gives us character…what we must do daily to be ethical in every facet of our lives…it is now. How many thousands will be cheated out of hearing your lessons and finding ways to put them to use each day in our relationships with our families at home, our business and professional relationships at work, and even at play. Such a terrible disservice KNX has perpetrated upon us all. I can only hope that another network will give you the chance to continue YOUR good works. You certainly will be missed until then. LS Cusick

  41. I am so sad to see this announcement. Your commentaries have made such a difference in my life and the lives of my family, friends, co-workers and community. Your authentic and personal reflections on character help us to be better citizens of this world. I can only imagine the amount of time it takes to create these commentaries but I hope you continue to share your insights and wisdom in whatever manner seems most fitting. They may not be broadcast over the radio to a large audience, but do know there are a lot of us listening, reading, learning and sharing!

  42. I was introduced to your commentaries about 3 years ago. Since that time, I have past them on to many friends and family and always get positvie feedback from passing them on.
    I haven’t had the fortune to listen to your radio show, but I would hate to see the commentaries stop. Your thoughts are insightful, wise, encouraging and have such a positive influence. We have a tremendous amount of negativity in our culture (world) and lack of integrity. It has been awesome to hear someone stand up and assert such sound, practical words on a little talked about subject; character.
    You have helped me in many ways and most recently, your commentaries have helped to transform my marriage. Thank you!
    How about satellite radio? Would LOVE to hear you on Sirius.

  43. In times such as these, when your commentaries are needed more than ever, this is indeed sad, and confusing news as to why they might make this decision. As far as “sound business decision,” I suspect it might be to avoid as much embarassment as possible to try to have to explain the reasons for their decision, and the obvious flood of email or other communication forms they may receive in protest to the removal of your program.
    I, for one, would welcome an email address of KNX to let them know of my disapointment of their decision, and present an appeal to have them continue your program…done respectfully and with all civility of course…and would encourage others to contact them as well. But, if KNX doesn’t respond, then perhaps, as others have shared, it is to open this radio broadcast up to an even larger audience through other means.
    Thanks for your time commitment to continue to produce these quality commentaries, “for such a time as this…”

  44. It has been my pleasure to enlighten myself with your daily commentaries. Insightful and thought provoking, I will surely miss them on the radio. My very best to you, enjoy.

  45. I’m really sorry to hear the news that you’re not going to be on the radio anymore, I can listen to the news anywhere so the only reason I listened to KNX at 4:52am every day was to hear “Character Counts” your commentaries made me think long and hard about myself and I believe it made me a much better person. THANK YOU for all of the years. Please let me know if you get another radio spot.

  46. Radio stations in the United States operate on airwaves that belong to the public. At one point, a standard of “public interest, convenience and necessity” was to be the touchstone of whether licenses should be granted and renewed by the FCC. An interesting disucssion appears at http://www.wdfh.org/article.pdf.
    I posit that listeners to KNX in the Los Angeles area are best poised to assist the FCC in its evaluation of a renewal application for KNX’s license (to occur sometime around 2013?) by providing public comments and similar submissions during the renewal process. The process can be robust, and it can encouraging competing applications for the license.
    For more, see, http://transition.fcc.gov/localism/renew_process_handout.pdf

  47. My life has shown me that it is never good bye when a chapter ends, it is only a time of change. I never listened to you on the radio, but I have followed your weekly commentaries online for the past ten years. Please keep them coming. I would like to let you know I have used these commentaries for my classroom lessons, which in turn, changed the life of many. Life is about perception, when we look it at it with positive eyes positive things happen. Personally…. I would like to watch a TV show with ethics as a theme and people of all ages as audience and guests.
    It was a pleasure meeting you and your family seven years ago after the summer conference.

  48. I live in central Illinois. Please continue to publish your commentaries. Although I don’t always agree with you, your commentaries are thought provoking!
    Thank you!

  49. Please continue the commentaries. Although I don’t listen to the radio, I do follow oyu on-line. A couple of years ago, I wrote to you about how I use your commentaries in my work as a therapist, as a training manager for a financial institution, and as a mother. I should also have told you how much they mean to me personally. Some make me think and some make me feel but all make me a better person.
    Rock on, Michael!

  50. Please continue your newsletter and commentaries if at all possible. Please let your supporters know what they can do to make this possible. Thank you for all you have done over these many years to develop character and keep ethics alive in our culture. Please let us know how we can continue to listen to your voice.

  51. Sorry to hear your being cancelled. I understand writing daily commentaries is a lot of work. Perhaps you could do a weekly based on a monthly theme or pillar.

  52. I’ve almost always agreed with your well thought out view points, which were beautifully articulated. I think KNX will be the poorer with your absence from their daily programming. There’s no question that you should still be heard. I hope to hear you again soon.

  53. I am truly sorry & very dissapointed to hear this news. I listened to KNX daily just to hear your commentaries. I think it’s a bad move on their part & I’m hoping another station will pick you up. KNX will lose listeners because of this!

  54. Dear Michael: I am sorry to hear that you will not be on KNX anymore and it was what made you write your commentaries. I live in Phoenix and have never heard your broadcast, but every Friday, I read your commentaries. I thoroughly enjoy reading them and share them occasionally with other people depending on different situations. I truly believe because of your commentaries, I now stop and think before taking any action that might be hurtful to someone else or by the same token benefit someone else. I hope you continue your wonderful, thought provoking positive commentaries. You of all people know, things happen for a reason. As the door to KNX closes, another door will open. Lots of luck and best wishes to you on your next journey. I hope you will include us on that journey also.

  55. Dear Michael,
    I am a high school teacher that has spent the last 3 years sharing your commentary as an opening to some of my classes and occasionally the entire lesson in my life skills class. I enjoy the honesty, personalization, and character that you bring to radio and the internet. In sharing your lessons with my students, many times they evoke some great conversations from my students over topics that may not necessarily ever be covered in their homes with their parents. I hope this isn’t the end of you sharing your insight. You will be missed in my classroom. Thank you, take care and God Bless!

  56. Although my car radio is tuned to KNX, I often miss your radio commentaries. I catch up by reading them every week. I hope you will continue to write your thoughts and feelings since we are so much in tune with our ethical concepts and your reminders help me to stay on track. Thank for all you have done for so long.

  57. At the very time in history when we need commentary on ethics and character the most, KNX makes a decision to stop running the best source of reminders and thoughts that should be heard and heeded. I am not sure what programing genious at KNX made this decision but I am truly sorry that Character Counts will no longer be broadcast. Michael, you have made a difference and improved every listener’s life. I know you have made a difference to mine. Thank you for your insights and keeping the importance of character and ethics in front of the general public. I hope another radio station will run your commentaries and keep the positive words you have on the airways.

  58. I am so dissappointed in KNX for making this decision. Your commentaries are one of the things that sets KNX apart from the other news/traffic stations. I actually look forward to being in my car at 10:51am and 6:51pm during my day. With all the horrible news and reports of politics as usual (read: unethical self-centered behavior), I am surprised that the management doesn’t see the need for your uplifting and motivating messages.
    Please continue to post your commentaries…they really make a difference.
    Thank you!

  59. Mr. Josephson,
    While I realize your commentaries may be ending on KNX, I think that this may be an opportunity to move forward to a national syndication. It would be great to spread your content beyond the reach of KNX listeners. I look forward to the doors that will open for you and Character Counts organization and wish you all the best. Please let us know where you will be heard in the future. If not KNX, then perhaps podcasting or other options.
    Again thank you for your work!

  60. Hi Michael, You are the BEST!!! Thanks for giving us so much goodness in a world of decline. We need you now more than ever! Your commentaries are shared with our 8 grandkids and you have inspired them to greatness in character. Just put your continued commentaries on YouTube and we’ll be right there with you.

  61. I originally subscribed to this news letter because I work with children and we do character counts activities every month. I now keep the subscription because I like being reminded about how character counts through the stories you publish in your newsletters.

  62. Mr. Josephson,
    I have heard you speak at St. Margaret’s Episcopal School in San Juan Capistrano. I think your commentaries and their content are so important to hear as we raise our children.
    I am very sad that KNX radio has elected to take one of the very crucial elements of its successful radio broadcasts. That being said I agree with the national syndication and YouTube comment earlier. Your loyal fan base (like me) will follow you. 😉
    BTW, our Character Counts program is still in place at our school and does well. 😉 Thank you!! Thank you!!

  63. Every morning you have been the words of wisdom on my way into work. I will truely miss you. Thank you for all the possitive commentaries and I will always remember that “Character Counts”

  64. What a gracious and proper thank you only matched by the character of the author.
    It is hoped you can still strive to meet our impressionable school children. Starting off right is the best medicine.
    Good luck to you, sir.

  65. As a song recently heard on KNX FM says, “Every new beginning comes from another beginnings end.” Semisonic had that hit in early 1998. Age old advice for you I guess.

  66. Michael, I have to add my plea to keep up these emails. You were my ethics professor in law school and made a lasting impression on me from back then.
    I don’t always agree with what you say, but those are the commentaries I like the best, because they make me think about my core values. Saying is one thing, doing is another.

  67. I hope that you consider continuing your commentaries, even if they are fewer (2x/week or something).
    Have you considered National Public Radio?

  68. Dear Michael:
    I am shocked and saddened to hear that KNX will be discontinuing your 6:52 am broadcast. It was something I looked forward to every morning as food for thought for my upcoming day. In these troubled times of indiscreet politicians, so called media “celebrities” and other leaders falling into a moral abyss on a daily basis, we need your commentaries NOW MORE THAN EVER!!!
    Your broadcast this morning on “Moving Past 9/11” was the most insightful piece I ever heard on that tragic event and getting past other things we face in our lives.
    Even before I heard you on KNX, you gave me inspiration to pass the California Bar Exam when I attended your videotaped bar review courses in the late 70’s that started every day with the theme from the movie “Rocky”. You were an inspiration to me then and you are an inspiration to me now!
    As a daily listener of KNX, I plan on letting them know that I will no longer be listening to their station due to their discontinuing your commentaries (and urge others to do so as well), keeping in mind always that “Character Counts”.
    You have created a two word Mantra to guide peoples’s lives in the
    right direction.

  69. This is sad. CBS has said, “Goodbye,” to Ethics.
    I remember when Fred Friendly, former president of CBS, presented the series, “Ethics In America.”
    You will be missed,

  70. I’m terribly saddened to hear that your show will no longer be broadcast. But please do not be discouraged by this, I hope you are able to find another avenue to get your sage words out to the masses. It’s apparent by the notes here that you make a significant impact on the lives of not only those who write, but the people here that share your message with others. Thank you for “character counts” moments.

  71. I want to thank you for all you do. I dont know if you relize the difference you made in my life and my families. By offering me insight and tools you have helped me a better person in all areas of my life. I pass this web page and your messages on to many people and than they pass it on. I have heard from so many of my friedns ” Did you hear the last show? Wasn’t it perfect?” I know this plantet will not be the same without it. I truly believe that. I work with many ages of people and I can bring so much to them with your help. Please go to another radio station. Please dont ever stop writing and speaking to us. I am still listening.

  72. Hello Michael,
    Congratulations on the 14.5 years on the radio! I must embarrasingly admit, however, I didn’t even realize you HAD a radio show; I discovered you on the internet and have been faithfully reading EVERY column that appears in my Inbox.
    I am a teacher, and I absolutely LOVE using quotes from your text to challenge the thinking of my middle school students. YOur voice is not one easily duplicated – nor ignored…each who hears it (either through radio or through reading) must take time to reflect on your words and challenge our own thinking.
    I am saddened to hear these emails may stop…I hope you will continue to post somehow…perhaps a blog…something cost-effective for you, yet public enough that the millions who listen/read now will continue to have access to your wisdom.
    Character DOES count, and the more we forget that, the more we ALL suffer the consequences.
    May God bless you and enlighten your path!
    ~With gratitude,

  73. You have been developing my character in your short little sound bites for the last 10 years. I have found tremendous value in them – to the point that I think twice about what I am going to do with my empty shopping cart when I finish grocery shopping. I appreciate the wisdom and thoughtfulness over the years.

  74. I am very saddened by this. There is so much yuck that I wade through on a weekly basis, your words often provide a glimmer of hope and a reminder that ethics are critical to ensuring civility. You have made me think beyond myself, reminded me that I need to think of others, and confirmed my frustrations regarding so many social issues. I do hope that you will be able to find an outlet to continue to share your insights. I often share your commentaries with my staff and had hoped to put your Character Counts program into place in my school district. So please consider continuing your writing – you have reached far beyond what you have realized and touched the souls of many.

  75. Please continue. Your commentaries have never been needed more than right now. We are all sick of the media and all of the negativity out there. Listening to you lifts me up and constantly reminds me about the kind of person I want to be. I am sorry about KNX but I truly believe you deserve a larger audience. I don’t know anyone that wouldn’t want to turn off the mindless chatter and listen to you instead. I have informed KNX that I no longer have any reason to listen to their station. knxcomments@knx1070.com

  76. Your segment is an oasis in the wasteland of broadcast journalism. Please keep doing what you’re doing, through whatever form of media that you can. You do important work that shouldn’t be extinguished by a radio station’s poor business decision.

  77. Dear Michael,
    I listen to AM radio but I’ve never heard of KNX. I am just one of your gazillion listeners who wants to know if this affects my local radio station, KPRL. I can promise you that I will call in first thing next week and ask. I know for a fact that I will not be the only outraged listener on the central coast of California. We need you and what you have to say, more than ever!! Thank you so much for all that you do for us and always remember that when God closes one door he always opens another.

  78. Dear Karen – thanks for your support and comments. I’m not sure whether your station is affected. Tell me where KPRL is located. Your support is very much appreciated.-Michael Josephson

  79. “Silence is a betrayal of trust.” Go out with the truth; tell the listeners your show is not being continued. It is a betrayal to the listenders to be here one day and gone the next after being around for nearly fifteen years.
    In reference to the above question, KPRL is a class four AM station in Paseo Robles, CA. It can be heard at 1230 on the dial in that area.

  80. Please don’t stop the newsletter. Although I have enjoyed the radio show tremendously and will write a note to KNX, I get just as much from the newsletter and I can share the information with my students (I teach high school near downtown LA). Thank you for all you have given and shared over the years. Your effort is not wasted. I noticed in a post above about the shopping cart, I too double check my behavior after shopping (hah!). Character does count!

  81. This may be a blessing in disguise. An great opportunity to reach a larger audience. Your radio program can be aired through internet. An like so many other radio hosts, we listen to on lone. Only difference – you

  82. I have been touched and inspired by your commentaries. And, I have passed them on to my staff and scholars at Gauer Elementary School. Because you are one that encourages all of us to meet the challenges that life places in our paths, I am confident that you will find a means to get your ideas out to a public thirsty for ethical encouragement. I wish you blessings on the new paths that will unfold before you.

  83. I can’t imagine why KNX has made this choice. Your commentaries are wonderful and always make me stop and think. I really hope you keep up the internet posts until something else unfolds. You have a substantial online following and that is no easy thing to establish.
    You do something important and you do it well. I’m certain other (even better) opportunities will present themselves.

  84. I appreciate your attitude and approach, but I’m deeply disappointed in CBS’s decision. Will be listening for other arenas in which your thoughts can be shared. Thank you!

  85. I’m so disappointed to learn that your commentaries won’t be shared any longer on KNX. It seems that anyone who takes a moral stand or voices an opinion on what is ethically sound- gets tossed to the sidelines! I appreciate your commentaries and I hope that you will find another radio station that isn’t afraid to stand bold!!!

  86. Michael, Very sad to hear the news. I have been receiving your weekly emails for many years. They have been a welcome source of leadership development & I have referenced many stories as examples when speaking to our staff officers. I do hope you will continue your weekly newsletters. I truly believe when one door closes it is because another door is about to open. “Be still & know” somethine larger is in store! Blessings to you & thank you for many years of sharing the values I grew up with & still model today.

  87. If we generate enough positive comments will that provoke you to continue writing? I will also send a note to KNX. The world needs more positive and thought provoking people like you. May a more wonderful and bigger door open for you. Wishing you many more blessings yet to come.

  88. To Pam and everyone who has written: I am deeply and genuinely gratified by the support. The depth and passion of some of the comments have been so inspiring. I love teaching and sharing my ideas and will most happily continue to do so if I can find a broad enough platform to justify the considerable investment of time. There is great pressure at the Josephson Institute to spend my time more productively on consulting projects that yield funds for the Institute but I love the relationship I have with listeners and readers. Our hope is that if there is a strong enough showing of people who really find benefit from the commentaries it would help encourage other media outlets – print, online or broadcast — to take on the role that KNX once played. That’s why a show of support can be very important. Again I want to remind everyone to take the high road. KNX was very good to me for many years.

  89. I am sad also to hear that you will not be on the air.
    I often used some of your material/comments for my Church teen class. We are the losers by not having you to listen to.

  90. It has been my absolute pleasure to listen daily to your commentaries on KNX. As typical of the times we live in, your messages are usually sandwiched between a variety of news stories that clearly illustrate where we are at as a society and the direction we are headed. While I enjoy staying current with the news, it is generally not a reflection of what is good and right in our world. That is what is so refreshing about your commentaries. They restore proper perspective and provide me with encouragement, affirmation, hope, purpose, motivation and the requisite tools to face the many challenges in my personal and professional life. You have made a great impact on my life, and the lives of many around me. You personally challenge me to be better. “Character Counts” has become a frequent saying between me and my wife when one of us is faced with a difficult situation. As you have so couragesly led others for years, my advice to you is to carry on the good fight. KNX is fortunate to have had you as their guest and will hopefully realize the positive impact you make in others lives. Thank you Mr. Josephson.

  91. My whole family is so sad that you will not be on KNX anymore. If we happen to be in the car when your commentaries come on, the car is silent and the whole family (My Husband and me, and our 3 kids) listen to your special voice and listen to what you have to say. Your words become topics of conversation and an opening for all of us to become better people. KNX is making a big mistake!
    Please do not stop making your commentaries. We subscribe and listen to you on the family computer more than we get to hear you on the radio. I don’t know what this Mom would do without you!
    Thank you for everything!

  92. I know of no station that carries your commentaries where I live. We have spotty radio reception at best. (I really do live in the boonies!) Therefore, the only way I get your commentaries is through the internet. It is the only way I have been receiving/hearing them for years. I hope you continue to write your excellent articles. They are always thought provoking and insightful.

  93. Give WFAX in Falls Church, VA a try, it is beside Wash. D.C. Heaven knows we need some ethics there!
    I’m reading your comments online, do not listen to you on the radio in this area. I will often use your pieces in middle school and high school groups at school to provide good topics for discussion.

  94. I have shared your words on numerous occasions and have been motivated to be a better parent and to be a Scout leader partly by your work. Thank you for all your past commentaries and I do look forward to more thought provoking pieces.
    How do we make this work? I do think you should run a few ads on KNX in the weeks after your commentaries are dropped, advising listeners that they are still available online. Perhaps KNX can run them as PSRs.
    As you have suggested, I will try to remember that KNX gave 14 years. I do, however see this change as more evidence of the need for your work to be known.

  95. I look forward every morning to listen to your broadcast at 6:52 a.m. Your commentaries either make me think, wonder or laugh. I think you have a real sense of pragmatism that is lacking in the rest of the world. And, now, at a time when this is most needed, KNX gives you the boot!! What are they thinking??
    I am going to miss hearing you every morning. Congratulations on your 14.5 years. Here’s to another 14.5 years.
    You rock, Michael!!

  96. Michael,
    You have always been an inspiration for me.
    I understand the need to move on to other mediums of
    Best wishes to you and your family.

  97. KNX just lowered their reputation and standards, at a time when quality editorial content and ethical direction are so sorely needed. I hope someone at KNX will come to their senses and retain Character Counts for the benefit of all of us. Your moral compass will be missed by an audience that needs your wisdom and courageous guidance.
    I hope you will not let an unappreciative radio station undermine the mission of Character Counts and the continuation of your work.

  98. In an age where positive inspiration is lacking, Michael was once source of richness and connection to spirit. I am saddened that he will not be on the air but know that he will find a way to broadcast his message one way or another. Just tell us when and how and we will be there.

  99. It was KNX radio that I discovered you over 13 years ago. I’m very sad and dissapointed that KNX has made the decision to end your commentary. Horrific decision by KNX. Their pre set button is now eleminated from my cars.
    Your voice, comments, ideas, stories have helped shape my life and the lives of my four children. In a world so small today, with so much sadness, madness, tragedies, evil, war and dissapointing leadership in America, your voice gave me insperation, hope and guidness. Your voice reinforced that life is good. Your voice reinforced there are positive people in this world that make positive differences in life and the lives of others. As you have done!
    I will continue to follow you, your message, stories and leadersip. I hope other media outlets see the wrong in KNX and add you to their network. That said with todays technology you have the means to get your message and stories out to so many of us that turned to you for the one voice over and over again who says life is good, people are good and Character Counts.
    Thank you for all you have done and all you are still destined to do. Your followers are not going away, you too should not go away.
    All the best,
    Buck Page
    Father of four, all who have grown up knowing “That Character Counts”

  100. The only reason I continued to listen to KNX was to hear your commentaries…it saddens me to see this station has swung to becoming another sensationalized media source and I find no further reason to keep listening to them at this point other than the occassional check in for traffic. Please know that I appreciated the fact that your commentaries touched home, and helped me during difficult decisions…in my personal and work life. Your commentaries served as a public service announcement, and if only we could innundate our communities with such messages perhaps we could see a new generation with stronger foundations leading more ethical lives. It’s alarming to see that what our communities are lacking most are being eliminated slowly…and what is left but a whole to be filled with more useless propoganda. Our communities deserve better, our kids deserve better, our families deserve better. Thank you for the work you do and continue to do. I hope there will be a new medium that will be smart enough to understand there are many of us sick of hearing less than lacking newscasting..and looking forward to life enriching and positive messages. Thank you for enriching my life.

  101. This really came as a shock to me. Your commentaries are the highlight of the KNX broadcast, I will contact them and ask them to reconsider. What bothers me most though – that this comes soon after perhaps your boldest commentary. Like you, I am a straight ally in unwavering support of gay marriage, I fervently hope that this was not any part of the decision making to end the broadcast. Please let all of us know if there is any way to keep your program on the air, if not at KNX then elsewhere. Even rebroadcasting old commentaries would be far preferable to just letting it go…

  102. Mr. Josephson, I find your commentaries smart, principled and inspiring – they will be missed, by me and many others.
    It’s deeply upsetting to learn the station decided to end the show in favor of an all news format. Media markets, of all types, are simply flooded with news streams and feeds. Now we’ll have one more ‘news’ program to add to the noise. How can that be accurately described as, “…[stay] fresh in radio.” The commentaries, in quality, concept and programming, are community-centered, innovative and inspire ‘Can-Do’ spirit. Cheers to you Mr. Josephon! Thanks for 14 years of of making a positive and refreshing difference in our lives. Please continue on in your service and work. With sincere thanks!

  103. I begin each day listening to the positive, affirming words that Michael shares. I time my drive so that I don’t miss it! So little on the radio is just pure anymore. A poor business and moral choice on the part of KNX.

  104. I moved from Beverly Hills to oceanside in 1991. Yesterday, driving the 5 South from Oceanside in very congested traffic, my grandson asked, “why do you have LA Traffic? KNX 1070 has been fixed on my car radio simply because of Michael Josephson’s Character Counts.
    October 15, I will find a San Diego station, preferably an NBC affiliate, as I much prefer NBC over CBS.
    Perhaps CBS finds honesty and integrity in line behind advertisers and payouts, if they recognize it at all. Slanted and biased media cannot handle character and integrity. Money talks louder.

  105. Michael:
    Imagine my surprise and profound disappointment when I turned to your “Character Counts” website today for inspriation. Tomorrow I teach a class on “Public Speaking”, and after reviewing all the great orators and their wisdom and inspiration throughout the ages (from Pericles to Presidents), I thought, “Why don’t I take one of my favorite Michael Josephson KNX broadcasts (Sept. 1) and simply read THAT to my attendees? I can’t wait to share your inate sense of ethical humanity and all its potential with people that I work so closely with and care about so much.
    I hope to hear soon that you have found a new home on the airwaves in Los Angeles, my home town. It won’t be the same with out you!

  106. I am surprised and saddened by the KNX decision to no longer broadcast your “Character Counts” messages. Your few moments during the day were true radio highlights. I will be looking forward to your re-appearence at some time and place in the near future.
    be well
    Kona don

  107. I am SO disappointed that the Character Counts commentaries will be discontinued from KNX. I am a very early listener — I hear the 4:51 a.m. commentary before I arise and begin my day. The messages are always welcome and give me much to reflect on as I eventually make my way to my office. A phrase from one of your commentaries became the quotation that accompanies my email signature: Kindness is loving someone more than they deserve.” I thank you so much for your insights all these years, and hope that you will continue your inspirational commentaries through some form of “new media” and the website.

  108. I was very surprised to read that Character Counts, a feature I always look forward to on an otherwise dismal and boring KNX, was to be pulled from the programming schedule. Your words always rang true to me. “This is what’s missing from Los Angeles,” I thought the first time I heard your spot. “This is what’s needed.” It was always nice to know that there was at least one other person out there concerned with integrity, someone who put words to my feelings, echoing the sentiment my mother espoused.
    At least I can look forward to more inane commercials where your words of wisdom once were. I hope to be able to still read your commentaries in the future. Thank you for everything.

  109. I just recently found you online and get your daily emails. I don’t live in LA or even CA for that matter, but I look forward to the Character Counts to uplift me and make my day.
    It is a shame that such good things are leaving the radio waves. Like reality shows have taken over tv, radio programming has become boring and uninspiring.
    best of luck and hope the online blogs continue!!!!

  110. Thank you so much for all your inspiration over the years!!! I often share your words with many (always giving you credit) as I present the “Opening Words” monthly for the Woman’s Club of Orange(CA). I also often share your stories as a jumping-off point as I do the monthly devtions for the women’s group at my church. But most importantly to me , is the joy of sharing your thoughts with my kids and grandkids. This has often opened the door to meaningful discussions in their families. I will continue to look forward to your email newsletters. Thank you for helping me to think more about the most important things in my life, thereby adding quality to my life and the lives of those I love.

  111. The first time I heard one of your commentaries on KNX I was headed east on the 91 fwy and traffic had come to a dead stop, I was completely frustrated as I sat idle. I had KNX on only to listen to the traffic report. But instead, I heard you, the voice of reason and your commentary was so appropriate for how I was feeling at the time. By the time it was over I felt 100% better than I did before you started. I can’t express to you how much I have appreciated your commentaries Mr. Josephson. Thank you for being a wonderful and caring person and for lifting me up and helping me to be a better person. Character does count, without it we have nothing. God bless you and your family and again, Thank you very very much.

  112. I am so sad to hear that KNX has decided to discontinue your broadcast. I am a 5th grade teacher that works in the greater Los Angeles area and you inspire me in so many ways. Your broadcasts have picked up my spirits time and time again through the many trying times of this decade. My colleagues and I listen to them and they remind us to follow our hearts and do the right and ethical things. As a teacher, we take this to work with us and follow these ethics at our school which is a “Title One” award winning, “Distinguished School” and has also won the “Golden Bell” award many years. I think this is partly due to you! We “pay it forward” to our students. Please don’t stop writing your commentaries! They are a refreshing break to what has now become the news media.
    Your loyal, ethical, fan,
    Ramona Shay

  113. I have listened to your commentary for years and as a high school coach have forwarded your thoughts to my teams and friends alike. While you list this as business decision the stations part, it is more like a sad commentary on our society. One in which, you on a daily basis show people making the right decision, are off the air because of someone making bad one. While I won’t hear you on the radio, I will read you thoughts on your website in order to help motivate our young people to make the right choice. This is a loss for the station, not us. For strong passionate, thoughts of “right” will always go on.

  114. You may try some of the stations in the DFW area. Many ISDs in the area use the “Character Counts” information in their schools. I know it is a positive way to teach children without being “spiritual”!

  115. Thanks for sharing opinions that have helped so many. If you choose to continue, you could easily share your commentaries as podcasts on iTunes or YouTube. Perhaps XM Radio / Sirius would be interested in picking them up. With the following you have and the unique voice so many appreciate, the opportunities are countless. Don’t give up.

  116. Shame on KNX! If there’s any spot that should NOT be eliminated from their broadcast, it’s Michael Josephson’s. What other commentary on the radio talks to our hearts, our souls as human beings, so truthfully, and makes a difference. You’re driving along, and this guy tells you a story in just a few minutes that ends up making you a better person! I’m sure he’s impacted thousands through the radio. Just a few days ago, I e-mailed and dedicated his spot on ethics to my 4 adult children, telling them how proud I was of how they conduct themselves, each one facing ethical challenges at work. Our society needs to hear MORE of Michael Josephson in the media, not less.

  117. I was deeply saddened to learn that you will no longer be on KNX. With all of the media outlets in today’s world, I hope that we continue to hear your commentaries in the future. I encourage you to continue your work, as there are truly very few people today sending such positive messages and philosophy into the world. Perhaps KTLK 1150 or Huffington Post, etc. could use your wisdom and continue to give you a venue for your podcasts as well. Please do not extinguish your beacon which so many use to light and guide their way through treacherous waters into safe harbors.

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