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Listening to 9/11 survivors re-live the horrendous event that shattered their lives should remind us all to treat every day as a gift, and to treasure every opportunity to give or receive love.

This is especially true for parents. A favorite story is about a 10-year-old boy who was told by his father not to expect him to go to his soccer games. The dad explained to his son that he was a very busy lawyer and that if he wanted to become a partner, he had to work most nights and weekends.

One evening the boy asked his dad, “How much do you make an hour?”

The dad answered, “My clients pay me $300 an hour.”

The boy gulped. “Wow, that’s a lot. Could you lend me $100?”

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

The boy ran to his room sobbing and his father followed. “Son, I’m sorry. I’ll lend you the money, but can you tell me what it’s for?”

The son replied, “Well, I’ve saved $200, and with your hundred, I’ll have enough. I won the most valuable player award and I’d like to buy an hour of your time so you can come to our banquet.”

The father felt like he’d been stabbed in the heart as he realized the cost he’d paid for his priorities. None of his clients needed him as much as his son, and nothing he could do as a lawyer was more important than what he could do as a father. How had he missed that insight?

It’s always difficult to balance job demands and family needs, but the test of whether you work too much is simple: Are you able to be the kind of parent your child deserves?

This is Michael Josephson reminding you that character counts.

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  1. I am shocked and sad to see the posting that KNX will no longer air your valued commentary in October. I have been listening for years to your insightful, reflective inducing commentaries and want to say thank you for all of your work. Will you still be providing daily insights on this website?

  2. This world needs more Character, not less. Everyone knows that, rebublican and democrat, black and white, everyone. It’s disappointing that KNX chose to have less, whatever the reason.

  3. I, too, am shocked! You’re the reason my alarm clock is set in the morning to KNX … I’m able to listen to your “words of wisdom” so I can start my day on a positive & inspirational path!!! I’ll just have to make sure to access your website daily.

  4. Like many many southern Californians, I too make a point of tuning in to KNX to hear your daily commentary. I always wonder how you come up with such amazing analogies EVERYday!! The news aired on KNX and the network tv stations is mostly all bad news. Murder, robberies, trees falling on motorists, scandals, fights, etc. Why is that? Do people really want to see and hear the bad stories more than the many good stories that are out there?? Common KNX…pay the institute and keep some good news on the air!! Someone needs to step up and make a stand for what should be done in this situation!

  5. In keeping up with our daily lives we often forget to sit back and reflect on what is important and what grounds us. Those few minutes a day I get to hear your reflections on simple things we already know, but somehow push the subconscious mind. Thanks for doing this for so many years. I’m not sure what reasons are behind this executive decision and I’m sure they are good ones, but I hope KNX realizes you and your commentaries are needed and wanted.
    Somehow listings to your character counts has helped me in keeping me grounded. Thank you.

  6. I can’t believe KNX will be ending your daily contributions. I have been listening to KNX and KFWB since I was a child. First with my mother every morning getting ready for school, then in school as current events activities, and now as an adult for morning news. WOW! More than 40 years of listening!! Your additions are a pleasant and NEEDED reminder of what matters and what our priorities should be. Amidst all the political and personal ridiculous drama reported daily, they can’t find a way to keep 2 minutes of thoughtful content on the air?? Sad state of our communities, our world.
    Love receiving your emails and will continue to share those with friends and family. Can’t say the same for my radio station choices.
    Thank you again!

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