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Change is risky. Some will always love the old way while others crave new things and variety. This new format for our newsletter and the blog behind it are the result of the change caused by the loss of one of my major platforms for communication – daily broadcasts on KNX radio in Los Angeles. This format represents our attempt to find new ways for to me to stay in your life and expand ways that I can serve you and provoke you to more actively teach, enforce, advocate and model thprinciples of 

ethics and good character. Among other things it makes it much easier for me to respond to your posts.

I know regular listeners will miss the convenience of hearing the commentaries on the radio, but I hope you will develop a new routine of visiting this blog daily and reading and/or listening to the commentaries. Of course you can wait for our weekly e-mail to bring you new commentaries. I hope you will also join my Facebook page (just click the app in the right column) so you can start your day with written and audio versions of my newest commentary.

We are also creating an app for those of you who have iPhones or Android smart phones as another way to give you access to my character counts messages.

I hope our efforts are worthy of your continued loyalty and that you will send your friends to join us. Please give us your feedback in the comment box below.

Best and warmest wishes,


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  1. Is there any way to get to the archives from years past? Before if I hit on the archives it had them all from earliest to recent, now I can only get this years.

    1. While I enjoyed hearing Michael’s voice on the airwaves, I also would welcome the change of having to view this new approach of connecting with Michael through his daily blog. I am open to any avenue of staying connected with Michael. The only thing I miss is the capability to access the archives. I do concue with Robert’s comment. I find value with the archives that dates back to 2006. I just wish those commentaries can be made available still.

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  2. Michael – This is good news! I’ll be following and telling my colleagues. The need for character-building is never ending. Just when I thought many of the Boomer generation got it right, now in hard times, under pressure, our ethics and mores are found wanting! Lots of otherwise good people behaving badly. We need your well-reasoned reminders – early and often!

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      Thanks, You are kind and your willingness to tell your friends is very important if we are to build a dynamic internet community. Please vist the blog often.

  3. I already miss your commentary on the way to work every morning. You can be sure I will follow your blog for my daily inspiration. Also, I am looking forward to meeting you on November 8, at the CPCU All Industry Day!

  4. I’m looking forward to the app! Thanks you for understanding your true work in the world, no matter what the technology you use.

  5. I’m VERY MUCH going to miss the radio broadcasts. I loved hearing them on my way to work, and then sharting what I learned with coworkers. Your commentaries always boost my morale and sometimes they made me cry. But they are always excellent.However, reading your message and then sharing it with my coworkers IS similar and that’s what I’m going to have to do. Even 50 yr olds, like myself, can change.

  6. I love starting my day with your commentary. I’ll just continue in a different format. Cannot wait for the new app. Thank you so much for doing this, I always learn something new.

  7. I set up character building articles on my web site and now when my students click on the page it does not go to the article I chose, instead it goes to this page. I spent a lot of time looking and reading through the caharcter building essays and now they don’t work. I wish that you could still get to them. How can I do that? Here is an example of what I have on my page.
    Would You Do It If It Were on TV?
    Follow the link and read the article. Write a paragraph describing something you did recently that possibly you would not have if there was a TV on your shoulder. How would your life be different if you had that little TV?



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      We are going to have to look into this. With the new format the intent is to limit the archives to 6 months. We are trying to create a way of giving most stuff away to everyone but create some benefits we can provide to people who make donations. We are trying to provide incentives for donations. In the meantime i will see if we can get you limited access to the full archives so you can copy the commentaries you like. Will that work for you?.

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