OBSERVATION: There are lots of legit white lies that don’t hurt anyone and don’t damage trust, but an awful lot do.

Never, never be casual about lying. It is a risky business. Good intentions are not enough. In the end, trust is more important than truth and trust is fragile. So next time you think about telling a “little white lie” ask yourself: if the truth comes out, will the person lied to say thank you for caring or will they feel betrayed? Will they start to ask, “What else have you lied to me about.”

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  1. Is it totally possible to live a life without little white lies? How do you find the courage to stand out and be that different?

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      Tony, please note I pointed out that there are lots of white lies that are okay because they don’t hurt anyone or damage trust (e.g., telling children about Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, telling grandma that the sweater she knitted you is beautiful, falsely telling a person who is being given a surprise party that you are only going to dinner, etc.). I do not suggest eliminating all but being very careful and using trust as the marker of legitimacy.

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