The Commentary Essay Contest: We Need Your Help to Choose the Winners!

Earlier this fall, Michael Josephson announced a special contest. To mark the end of his 14 years of daily commentaries on KNX-AM1070 radio in Los Angeles, he invited listeners to write short essays on how his radio commentaries had make a positive impact on their lives. The five winners will enjoy a private luncheon with Michael.

We received more than 75 entries!  We’ve chosen the 10 finalists, and now we need your help us choose the winners.

To read the 10 finalist entries and vote, please visit our Contest Page.

Thank you for getting involved!

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  2. These were all great messages of hope and triumph. These testimonies are but a small indication of the impact that you have had on our world Michael. Just imagine if we all made an attempt to influence our world through the maxims of character, integrity, caring, empathy, understanding and perseverance! Thank you Michael for being such a wonderful role model and teacher.

  3. I vote for Jim’s article.
    Jim’s article just as the inspiring commentaries from Michael Josephson, I am reminded of the endless opportunities to make a difference, to live life with purpose.

    Thank you for the gentle reminder!

  4. I was so impressed with Jim Uhl’s essay in that it embodied a struggle between judgement and caring that I often had as well. Hiis honest and impactful writing make his point very well. I have been a great fan of Michael Josephson’s Character Counts website and email subscription, too. He has made such an impact on me as well as those I teach. I look forward to his next adventure.


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  7. I read all of the entries and saw people speaking of the six pillars of character. They teach these at my son’s elementary school. Their program is called character counts and is part of the reason my husband and I chose to send him there. Every week each teacher picks children who have exhibited whichever character trait they are working on that month. They start this in kindergarten and continue it all the way through 8th grade. I am proud to say my child at 7 years old is trustworthy, respectful, responsible, caring and a good citizen!! Good luck to all of the entrants!!.

  8. There is a saying that has kept me trying to help others on a daily basis “Have I done any good in the world today?” Jim’s article brought it to another level for me. It has inspired me to help others in a way I may not have recognized, and it’s making a difference in my life. Thank you Jim.

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