OBSERVATION: I Changed My Mind – What do you think?

In this week’s newsletter you will read a commentary, “Say It Ain’t So, Joe,” where I argued that we should give the benefit of the doubt to legendary coach Joe Paterno, who should have done more to assure that the accusation that former coach Jerry Sandusky raped a young boy in a Penn State shower room was brought to the attention of the police. And, you will read “Sorry Joe, You Have to Go,” where I retract my previous position and endorse the actions of the Board of Trustees who fired Paterno and the University President. I explain why I changed my mind after lots of reflection and discussion and after reading the details in the indictment at http://online.wsj.com/public/resources/documents/Presentment.pdf. What do you think?

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  1. Maybe some fact gathering should have proceeded your first commentary? It takes a good deal of courage to change your position. I applaud you for that.

  2. Why does it take the reading of the details in the indictment to convince you that the inaction of a man, who led a group of young people, in the face of information relating to the sexual abuse of a ten-year-old boy (at least that one, who knows how many other cases in which he was willing to look the other way) is morally wrong and despicable behavior?
    A society that places a few football victories over reporting sexual abuse of a child, one that continues to laud a man who does not report information about sexual abuse of kids by a guy who he knows will have continued contact and access to kids, and that continues to paint him as some great hero because of all his accomplishments has some serious moral issues.

  3. I think what occurred at Penn State is despicable but I also believe in hearing both sides of the story before I throw anyone on the

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