ANNOUNCEMENT: New app for iPhone and Android users – What Will Matter on demand!

But I NEVER pay for apps! iPhone and Android smartphone users — this is the right time for an exception. Get Michael Josephson’s new What Will Matter app for only $2.99 (to offset costs of producing and servicing daily commentaries, quotations and more — text, audio, and video). Give yourself the gift of WWM on demand or just get the app as a nice gesture of support. Go to to download either app.

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  1. An app for an iPhone or Android is always a wonderful and great addition to keeping up with today’s instant demand technology. However, I do not pay for apps and have not yet because with my “smart”phone I have quick, easy, and reliable Internet access that can direct me to the same destination as many of these costly apps. Just something to keep in mind when charging a fee for a mobile app. Granted the configuration are more suited for a mobile phone, but for me the cost does not offset these convenience.

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      Thanks Marisa, I hear you — you don’t pay for apps, so how about thinking of it as a $3 donation to an organization that you believe in? It’s less than a cup of coffee! The $3 won’t have any impact on either you or the Institute but, honestly, it is very discouraging that it is so hard to get our friends to understand that nonprofit organizations have to raise funds to survive and when they (you) balk at such a tiny purchase, let alone making a generous donation. It cost us about $5,000 to create the app, by the way. Sorry for venting but I know many people feel as you do and it is simply disheartening.

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