Michael Turns 69 On December 10

Hi Everyone —

We know Michael would enjoy reading your birthday wishes (you can post them in the comment section below). In view of the unexpected loss of his largest radio platform this year, we also know that any tax-deductible donation you can make to the Institute to thank and support his mission will be especially important.

Thank you.


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  1. Michael, God gifted us with you. It’s only befitting that you should have the Happiest Birthday ever on number 69. Happy Birthday to you!

  2. Wishing you the best of birthdays ever. I enjoy reading your commentary, and sometime take a copy to post on our church bulletin board. Keep up the good work. Blessing to your family.

  3. Wow – 69.
    The only reason you are over the hill is that it obscured your view of the mountain. Keep climbing Michael!

  4. Dear Michael-
    First of all bless you! May the power of love light up your heart and fill you beyond all measure. There is a promise within your heart that provides so much peace and love to my heart and all who embrace your thoughts! Happy Birthday My Friend!!! xoxoxo You make the world more beautiful !

    Rita O’Connell

  5. Happy Birthday Michael! Thank you for inspiring and encouraging me and many others. May you have a joy-filled birthday and year to come.

  6. Thank you so much for what you do to spread Gods’ word. Your columns have given me insights into myself, some of which I didn’t want to see.

  7. Wishing you a very happy, healthy and fulfilling birthday!!! Yom chuledet sameach, hau’oli la hanau and happy birthday!

    You make this world a better place and I am very grateful for you.

    Who you are makes a difference.

    Warmly, Denise

  8. Hope you have a very happy day for your birthday. But if for some reason you can’t, I know you will have a very fulfilling day because of all you have given so many of us over the years. Jim

  9. Michael,
    You have been great inspiration. I have followed you from he 90’s. I follow your character tenets as best as I can and I think you have made me a better person. The least I can do to express my gratitude is to wish you a very ‘Happy Birthday’. May God bless you with more wisdom so that you may share it with all of us. Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah and a Happy New Year.



  10. Happy Birthday Mr. Josephson.
    I say Mr. Josephson because I do not know you personally, although I’ve followed your words for years and I feel as though I know you as “Micheal”.
    I hope you have a wonderful day – full of celebration and delight, and may you be shown many, many acts of kindness…just as you encourage those around you.
    Happy Birthday Mr. Josephson!

  11. Mr. Josephson:

    Happy Birthday! What a celebration! Best wishes for many more birthdays!

    I hope that you will have good energy and good health this year and during many more years. Let us trust that you will be able to continue to help your family and friends and our nation’s character education movement for many more years.

    Mary Anne Martin
    Montgomery, Alabama

  12. Hi Michael,

    I loved hearing you and meeting you at Temple Aliyah earlier this year. I’m heartbroken you’re not on the air any more! It shows how effective you are–they’re threatened! You suggested I reapply to J.I. as Trainer, but I haven’t seen any postings for it; if I do, I’ll reapply. Thank you for all you do & will G-d bless you!


    Sharon Levine

  13. Happy Birthday, Michael!! Your leadership, energy and integrity continue to be a broad shinning light for all of us. We are so fortunate to be receipients of your gifted words. Thanks again for your collaboration on ‘Becomming an Exemplary Peace Officer’ publication. May you thrive for many years.


  14. Wish Happy Birthday and all the best from Spain. Please continue with your advice which bellieve me is more important to us that you can imgina.

    Very best wishes

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