OBSERVATION: When someone you love takes a different road.


People take different roads in pursuit of their happiness. They are not wrong, foolish or lost simply because it’s not the road you would have taken. Once a decision is made, your doubts and disapproval play no constructive role. It is a time to let go of the need to be right and become supportive. Instead of sending them off with warnings, fill their backpacks with goodies and wish them well.

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  1. Michael, I’m sure you didn’t mean a different road that involves illegal activities, like street drug use–the most common “different path” that that parents find so upsetting and which has the potential for addiction and death. If young adults choose this path, the best thing to do may be to send them on their way without filling their backpacks with anything and then changing the locks. If minors choose this path, the best thing to do is to take away all extras that have been provided and do the minimum that the law requires for care and support. Alcohol and drug addiction is a progressive and fatal disease if not stopped in its tracks by all legal means.

  2. Happy Birthday Michael ~~~ I hope this year will be filled with joy and peace, laughter and memorable moments! I can truthfully tell you that the quality of my last couple of years have been very positively enhanced by the inspiring words and ideas you have shared with us! Be well, be safe and be happy in the coming year!!

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    For now, I request that the owner of this blog discontinue using my image.

    Jim Everett

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        I repeat – please cease using my image of two roads.

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