WORTH READING: Get Smarter! Start the New Year With the Five Best Books I Read in 2011. What books are on your list?

Here are the best five books I’ve read this year. They are so good they are all on my top-ten of all-time list. In the comment section please share the names of the best books you’ve read this year and if you are willing add a sentence or two on what you found so good about each book.

The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt is the smartest book I’ve ever read — filled with valuable and fascinating insights and information.

Very different than the Happiness Hypothesis, The Happiness Advantage is filled with data and anecdotes demonstrating how a positive attitude -- happiness -- can improve productivity as well as enhance emotional health and satisfaction.

Provides persuasive solid evidence that good ethics can be good business. Trumps the valuable insights in "Good to Great"

Switch is a mind-expanding book on how individuals and organizations can accomplish meaningful, positive, and lasting change.

Covers similar ground as Switch but adds meaningful insights and practical strategies.



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