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  1. The speech never did play for me, but I know about words. The tongue is the most powerful muscle in our bodies. In other words, what and how we speak can break or make a person. Words have power! It is important to speak with thinking about what you are going to say. Will this help or hurt? There is a saying that people may not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel. Keep this in mind with your words and the emotions behind them.

  2. I saw this video and immediately shared this with others because of its power. One person told me “thanks for starting their day off with tears.” That person’s words had power too. I suspect this video has strongly affected many viewers and readers but I suspect that few have shared how it has affected them. Please share. I see people thoughtlessly using words. Unlike this blind man they are oblivious to the power of their words and how deeply they can cut.

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