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So what are the qualities of a true friend?

True friends are good companions, people you enjoy doing things with, but they are also people you just enjoy being with. In true friendships the activity is incidental – it doesn’t matter much what you are doing together as long as you are together.

True friends are people you want to be with to have a good time, but they are also the ones you have to be with when you’re having a hard time.

True friends find the time to be with you on happy occasions, but they also make the time to be with you in times of trauma.

True friends know a lot about you; but they also really know you.

True friends have seen you at your best, and also at your worst.

True friends put up with your annoying habits, dumb comments, bad jokes, and broken commitments; but they also tolerate your periodic neglect, angry outbursts, and unkind remarks.

True friends will always forgive you because they value the friendship far more than whatever it is you did to make them angry.

True friends stand up for you, but they also stand up to you.

True friends are on your side and, when you need them, they are at your side.

True friends treat you like a fine painting, always placing you in the best light.

True friends are proud, not jealous, of your achievements; they build you up, and don’t tear you down.

True friends cry with you when you are grieving, and celebrate with you when you experience joy.

True friends want the best for you, bring the best out of you, and expect the best from you.

This is Michael Josephson reminding you that character counts.

See this poem in poster form.

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  1. They always have said that one is lucky to have one good true friend in life; however, I am now able to say that I have had two good true friends!

    1. Oh my goodness, this is so right on ? I just reached 80 and I’m pleased to say I have had 6 friends – all educators, like myself. I outlived 2. and currently have four glorious relationships such as described. They do not know each other. Nevertheless, they are the guiding lights which help me shape purpose in my life.

      1. Post

        Thank you for sharing. You are fortunate both to have had and have such friends and for your wisdom in being grateful. Thanks for your example.

  2. Thank you for your focus on friendship. After 62 years of life, I’ve tried to sort out my feelings about friends. I’ve come to realize that there are different kinds of friends who enter our lives at different times. I’ve also come to accept that not all friends put the same effort into the relationship that I do and often expect in return. And yes, we are lucky to have one true friend who matches your poem about true friends.

  3. If only people live like friends, the world would be heaven on Earth! Dont we find people so good before their marriage…. they interact like friends however, post marriage, they take each other for granted as they get related! While friendship is relating all the time, relationship seems to be decreasing connectivity. Live like friends with all around, including children, neighbours etc and we have heaven around!

  4. Thank you for posting this. I just watched Betty White’s 90 year birthday bash, and was wondering how many TRUE friends she has had. Surely this parade of smiling well-wishers does not qualify, although having admiring aquaintances has it’s merits.
    I am in my mid fifties now and can say that I have one friend who I know will do anything for me and can ask anything from me; and even if we don’t see eye to eye, it never changes the nature of our friendship. At our age we each have qualities that are ‘gnarly’ like an old weathered tree. We both say and do things that may be too honest for aquaintances, but as friends we accept and appreciate each other as we truly are, without pretense.

  5. Friends, wht does it mean?
    Well my friends and I think tht Friends are people tht u can tell anything to. When u know u can trust them an, when u need someone to be with u their always right there. Friends are people tht u know will not talk about u, people tht trust u with anything. The people tht u will do anything for most of the time. Friends should be the people u are not afraid to say I lov u to. Tht’s wht I think friends are, Tht’s my opinion. Lov The Friend, Betsaida Garcia

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