ODDS AND ENDS: “It is nice when something you have waited for lives up to your expectations.” Pat Chambers, essay contest winner

“It is nice when something you have waited for lives up to your expectations. Lunch with Michael Josephson was great. He spent about 3 hours with us, we toured his offices, looked at new products he is working on and discussed a lot of current issues. His staff was amazing, kind and funny. Thank you to all for a great day.- Pat Chambers”

In a recent post, I spoke about the the natural human craving to be appreciated. Well, that craving was well satisfied by the time I spent with those who submitted essays about the value they found in my commentaries. It was a great day — a pleasure and privilege to meet them all and a genuine source of gratification. Thank you all! – Michael

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  1. Dear Michael,

    It is always a special experience when you get to meet one of your heroes, but it is something entirely magical and unforgetable when your hero does not dissapoint.

    You are every bit the generous, authentic, and genuine man I knew in my heart that you would be. You simply delievered Michael! You are without a doubt a man who walks the talk. You did so with warmth, enthusisasm, a welcoming spirit, and compassion. Our luncheon was more than just a lunch date. It was an experience where you not only wanted to know about me and my wife as fellow human beings, but challenged and engaged us on both a spiritual and intellectual level. So few in this world have the courage to actually be what you have chosen to become.

    Thank you so much for this experience. Meeting you, your wonderful bride Ann, your exceptional and giving saff (especially Cindy Lemire and Janice Dreuz), and the fellow essay contest winners was northing short of a gift.

    As any great leader does, I sense that there may be times when you doubt whether or not your efforts are truly making a difference. Rest assured my friend, you have greatly and positively impacted the lives of my wife and me in a deeply profound manner. Your work and your life does matter. It echoes a resounding gong!


    Jim and Renee Uhl

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