QUOTE: Good decisions are good decisions. — Michael Josephson

They are good in a practical sense — that is, effective — and they are good in a moral sense — that is, ethical.

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  1. Wow. That’s deep. What’s next? ‘Bad decisions are bad decisions’? You could do a whole series! ‘Dark nights are dark nights’, ‘Ice is cold’, ‘The sun is hot’.

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      The concept is that good decisions are not merely pragmatically good decisions but morally good decisions as well. perhaps the quote is obtuse the the concept is important.

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  2. It’s as bad as ‘enough is enough’.

    Better to describe the conditions and characteristics of a ‘good decision’ and just what set of moral/ethical guidelines you are using. Some people think murdering doctors is ‘moral’ because the doctor is performing legal procedures the killer doesn’t like.

  3. Wow it’s so easy to be a critic isn’t it! Perhaps you guys are missing the point of making simple, and short statements….for certain people they make an impact. They are meant to sit with!

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