There are lots of resources dealing with bullying. Here are some especially useful ones.Are your kids at risk? Three online surveys to determine whether one’s child is being bullied, whether one’s child is a bully, and whether parents are doing all they can to prevent bullying, can be found at CHARACTER COUNTS!’s Bully Quiz.

Also, check out these other anti-bullying resources on the Web:

Anti-Bullying Network

Bullies to Buddies

Bullying Prevention — National Crime Prevention Council

Cartoon Network: Stop Bullying: Speak Up

Committee for Children: Steps to Respect

No Bully

Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

Operation Respect

Pacer Center’s Kids Against Bullying

Project Change: A national model for youth-empowered community involvement

U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services: Stop Bullying!

Cyberbullying Prevention Guide for Teachers


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