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  1. That was such a great one! I have a friend from our high school who just lost her beloved daughter to suicide. My friend is truly suffering. I sent the one poster with the four sayings to comfort her. I hope she will like those. Thank you for sharing these.

    Ricki Burleigh

  2. There is absolutely no proof that there is anything good (Heaven?) or bad (Hell?) at the end of the tunnel. What we have for sure every day is the tunnel. Let’s enjoy the present moment, the tunnel, instead. A Zen master, based on the teachings of the Buddha, has said , “There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way”. To long for the unknown future while not fully enjoying the present should not be recommended.

  3. Quang, this poster and quote are not at all religious as I read them, this is no “there will be pie in the sky by and by” statement – the quote instead is a reminder that Life Goes On, that any pain is a transitory moment occurring in Life.

    Pleasures as well as pains are transitory. While Th

    1. Anne, although I do not fully agree with everything, I thank you very much for your response. I still believe the statement “The light at the end of the tunnel is your life; it

      1. Post

        The metaphor i intended was that the tunnel represents the dark moments of our lives dealing with trajedies and major setbacks. The notion wasn’t intended to mean the light was the end of your life or the afterlife but the great bulk of your life. I meant this more as an encouragement for people going through tough times.but I enjoyed and learned from the dialogue.

        1. Thank you very much for your clarification. I am surprise that you are personally responding to my input. I am sure you know that my input is not to criticize, but to construct. I admire your ethics and I have been listening to you on the radio and receiving newsletters from your organization for many years. I have been encouraging my friends and co-worker to do the same. But like you see, I agree with most of your commentaries, but not all. People has to realize that there is a tunnel, then there is light, then another the tunnel, then light again

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