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  1. I cannot fanthom life as it was in those days. I’m so glad that as each day that goes we can leave the days of segregation, racism and hate further behind.

    1. Those days are not far behind. Every day there is something in the news about someone or some organization that wants to take away the rights of others because their own beliefs, either religious or cultural are different.

  2. I am from Peru, and as in many Latin American countries, no body asks what color is your skin when filling an application of any kind. In a family the light skin one is lovingly called “gringo/a” the same loving way the dark skin one is called “negro/a”. There is no preferences to either one. I believe that as long as the race question is asked, it gives race an importance that should not exist. For legal purposes maybe the question of “are you American?” may apply.

  3. Only those that are blind (and mostly not black) will be ignorant enough to think that things have gotten better. 1865 did not signal total freedom and equality for blacks.

    Things have not changed.

    The color of our black skin impacts us from the poor in the streets to the white house. Race matters…

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