HELP WANTED: The Downey, CA, school district has asked me to record daily commentaries for teens based on my radio commentary series so that they can be played daily on the school-wide P.A. systems in their middle and high schools.

If successful, we will offer the commentaries and scripts (with follow-up discussion questions for optional use). The opportunity to talk directly to thousands of teens every day on school announcements is exciting and daunting. I want to talk about choices and character in a way that’s valuable. If you know of a school that might be interested in playing the new commentaries, please let me know. If you are a teacher, coach, or anyone else who deals regularly with teens, I’d love your advice and suggestions, including sources, quotes and stories. Our goal is to reach 5 million teens daily with stories and advice that will help them make better choices and achieve their goals.

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  1. It would be gread if kids at El Dorado High School, gets to hear your quotes and advice. I don’t know, how would I approach my son’s school.

  2. Please contact Mr. Peter Bowen at Servite HS in Anaheim and get them in on this as well.
    Thank you for doing this.

    1. Post

      Please arrange for a contact at the school to contact us. We will be happy to speak with them. We have found that unsolicited contacts from us are not always favorably received.

  3. I am very interested in using the Something to Think About messages on the PA system at our school. We have a television broadcasting system. Please contact me with the information for how to obtain these broadcasts.

    Thank you very much.
    Lisa Page
    West Monroe High School

  4. I am interested too. Please tell me how to obtain the recorded commentaries .
    I am teacher from Malaysia.

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