QUICK THOUGHTS: I thought the Super Bowl Clint Eastwood “Detroit” ad was terrific. What did you think?

The message, sponsored by Chrysler, of working together to solve our problems is what we need.

Sadly, the rhetoric of the presidential campaign leaves us little hope that the election will be a referendum of ideas untainted by personal attacks and invective. The differences between the beliefs and solutions of Republicans and Democrats is between highly conservative and more moderate Republicans and highly liberal and more moderate Democrats. Sure, there are things to criticize about the politicians who carry the messages, but in the end, we do great damage to the morale of the nation and the ability of whoever wins to solve our problems if we focus on the personalities rather than the principles they advocate. The message of the Chrysler commercial is to set aside winning and being right, so we can work together for common goals.

What do you think of the other ballyhooed commercials? Did any stick out in your mind for humor or impact?

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