OBSERVATION: “Don’t confuse fun with fulfillment, or pleasure with happiness.” — Michael Josephson

One of the gifts of maturity is to realize that happiness is bigger, broader and more enduring than pleasure, and that fulfillment is more meaningful and rewarding than fun and that sometimes, the pursuit of pleasure and fun obstruct the achievement of happiness and fulfillment.
—  Michael Josephson www.whatwillmatter.com.

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  1. “There may be a better plan for us if we DON’T go for what we want now.” For over 40 years my only true regret was not to accept a school year abroad in Holland during my Senior year. I stayed stateside because at the time being class Vice Pres., homecoming queen nominee, star in the Spring Musical and spend my last year of naivety with my steady boyfriend in Smalltown, TX what I wanted NOW. I graduated in 1970 and went off to college, love sex and rock’n’ roll, Vietnam, Nixon and so on. Reading this observation made me realize that if I had accepted the year abroad I wouldn’t have traveled the road into theatre that I’d started my senior year.
    Preforming is what has provided joy and fullfilment in my life and today I am the Community Educator for a crisis center for victims of domestic violence and sexuual, child, elder abuse, the most rewarding performance I’ve ever experienced.

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