WORTH WATCHING: Parenting on Facebook. Dad’s rant against 15-year-old’s disrespectful and profane Facebook post ends with shooting her laptop. Gets 31 million views and sets off national controversy.

In February 2012, a North Carolina dad named Tommy Jordan discovered a Facebook post by his 15-year-old daughter that trashed him and complained about chores in a manner that most would agree was disrespectful and profane. He videotaped his response and ended his 8-minute rant by literally shooting her laptop. He posted the video on her Facebook profile and it went viral — gathering more than 31 million views in a week, and setting off a storm about this parenting technique. On NBC, Dr. Phil was critical, saying a parent should never publicly humiliate a child. NBC got a huge response to its online poll asking the audience what they thought — more than 120,000 responses. The vast majority, 73%, sided with the dad. Here are the dad’s video, the Dr. Phil interview, and the dad’s follow-up response to Dr. Phil. What do you think?

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  2. First, this young woman is not loved enough. My daughter was rebellious, it seemed it was for attention, in that i was spending too much time on other things and not her, when she needed me to.

    This all seems so self serving and mean spirited. Shooting anything is violent. Not enough love here. My Son’s favorite bible verse (He’s 26 in grad school at GWU in Political Mgt. Corinthians 13:13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. I am pleased that we talked about every major decision and he was free to choose from his options. As they say: You chose wisely!

  3. The Bible also says to honor thy father and thy mother. Which means in the long run respect your community, your family and your country. This young lady was not doing that. We do not need any more “give me a free ride I don’t want to work” attitude in this country.

  4. I am with this Dad all the way
    we were brought up with the mantra WORK IS WORSHIP and there is dignity of labour and whoever thinks of being paid for work that is mainly helping around the house and picking up after yourself ? If we are ENTITLED to share in the hard work of our parents who provide roof and food for us then they are entitled to help around the house too.
    I am strongly of the opinion that my son is today enjoying a decent life because he was taught this and hope his kid is groomed the same way. Love has its place. Love does not mean spoiling your child and letting them get away with it bec the world will not be doing that for them.
    I have watched with horror man addressing their children as pals and buddies. Hey these are your sons and daughters and you have a duty towards them which will enrich their lives if brought up right.
    I personally know of a man of 30 who lives for free with his grandparents in their eighties and resents giving them help. so he flees every morning on the pretext of going to work and idles around parking lots till he goes to put in a few work hours at places where he can get some work. He says as an american he is entitled to a good life and any examples contrary to this are smartly (Cunning?) countered. His employers rarely let him stay on for more than a month or two where he is busy giving them lip and I believe this is the way he is going to live his life; I fear for any female planning to make a family man out of this lazy irresponsible man.
    Judy is right we need people to have a work attitude and not a bumming one.

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