WORTH WATCHING: Parenting on Facebook. Dad’s rant against 15-year-old’s disrespectful and profane Facebook post ends with shooting her laptop. Gets 31 million views and sets off national controversy.

In February 2012, a North Carolina dad named Tommy Jordan discovered a Facebook post by his 15-year-old daughter that trashed him and complained about chores in a manner that most would agree was disrespectful and profane. He videotaped his response and ended his 8-minute rant by literally shooting her laptop. He posted the video on her Facebook profile and it went viral — gathering more than 31 million views in a week, and setting off a storm about this parenting technique. On NBC, Dr. Phil was critical, saying a parent should never publicly humiliate a child. NBC got a huge response to its online poll asking the audience what they thought — more than 120,000 responses. The vast majority, 73%, sided with the dad. Here are the dad’s video, the Dr. Phil interview, and the dad’s follow-up response to Dr. Phil. What do you think?

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