QUOTE: “I didn’t choose to be gay. Facing this reality was the most challenging thing I had to do in my life. I knew for the rest of my life I would face a world that thought I was wrong. My body works different than yours. My brain and my hormones work different. But I can’t help or change that.” — Kayla Kearney, high school senior, telling her class that she is gay

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  1. You are not gay…no one is. It is a lifestyle you choose and it is unnatural. Your statement is like a married person telling his/her spouse “I didn’t mean to fall out of love with you, and cheat on you, and fall in love with someone else.” It is about choices. You chose a woman just like a married man/woman chooses to be unfaithful. Your body works just like any other females. You have given into a sinful desire that you will regret. And you can help yourself by being strong and resisting an urge to fall into temptation.

    1. Absolutely FALSE! Your reply to the young lady only perpetuates the culture of bullying and discrimination that is so prevalent in society. Please tell me exactly when you DECIDED to be straight? The answer is you didn’t, because that was an ingrained part of your being, just the same way that being gay is an ingrained part of this young lady and all other gay people, myself included. Your response, if you are caucasian, is like trying to tell a person of color what it is like to be a minority. You are speaking from a point of ignorance… that is not to say that you are ignorant, but you do not have the knowledge to speak to that. Please refrain from being so judgemental about other people due to your own bias.

      1. Everyone is born straight. you were not taught to be gay. You fell into temptation! A murderer isnt born into a murderer nor is a thief born as one. They all fell into temptation and there selfish needs. I don’t hate gays at all. I love them but you gotta face that your way of thinking is wrong. And here i go bringing god into this but yes, you are going to hell. No matter what you say about my comment to change what i say won’t matter. You have sinned and you will be punished just like those who have killed, lied, and stolen. But you have hope haha. You can change being gay. Don’t you dare say you cant change what you are cause you can. Just like an Alcoholic can change and stop as can a smoker and a druggie, you can too. They actually have programs and people that can change gay people believe it or not. If you show repent for your sins then God will forgive you. Not Hating or anything. like i said, i love gays and have nothing against them but its wrong

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          @Julia I don’t know what you base this conclusion on. It’s simply an opinion. And by the way peopel who were born straight aren’t tempted to homosexual relations.What is it that you think is so tempting about gay relations or lifestyle to a person who is truly straight to start with?

    2. Your opinion on this subject is profoundly ignorant. Please stop characterizing your opinions as fact. It only continues to facilitate divisiveness and animosity.

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