WORTH SEEING: Poster – It’s important but difficult to say no to others, but it’s even harder and more important to say no to yourself. Controlling your life becomes easier when you control yourself. — Michael Josephson

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  1. I am finding this poster to be true not just for young people (I teach middle schoolers) but for us adults as well! So many times we blame the world around us, our jobs, our daily responsibilities for how we are feeling, for our health, for our decisions or lack of decision- for weight, for smoking, for any number of things. Yeah, these aspects of life are many-faceted, but if you think about it, we can’t control much beyond ourselves! By controlling ourselves in terms of choices we make and how we choose to react/respond to life’s circumstances we can and will have a positive impact on many of the ills and issues of our lives! This poster’s message has really meant something to me- obviously– and I hope my comments will be helpful and maybe even a tad inspirational for others. Have a great day, folks!

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