WORTH WATCHING: A young man reveals the pain of bullying. Worth watching and showing to your kids.

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  1. Dear Michael, I am the administrator of a children’s NGO Random Acts of Good Deeds who are spokespersons for a University campaign on child sexual abuse . For the month of April we have embarked on a fb campaign on all types of child abuse and we are also highlighting bullying .We are subscribed to your fb page and updates and visit to get information on our page . Thank you very much for all that you do for the kids . We would also be sharing this video .

  2. Dear Michael – do we know more about Jonah? How can we get a message of love, hope and understanding to him? I want to rally our incredible team to shower him with positive, encouraging messages to fuel his strength, his hope for a brighter future! Is there a way we can communicate with him, his principal?

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