WORTH WATCHING: Teacher Bullying. An often neglected dimension of bullying concerns teachers and coaches who verbally abuse students. Are you skeptical? Check out these videos.

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  1. Being newly engaged as a volunteer 2nd grade coach at my son’s intramural sports programs; I am VERY interested in this topic. Our pre-school intructor drilled into our family, “Use your words, use your words”; as opposed to physically showing another person what you are trying to communicate. Secondly, the words I deliver need to be firm AND kind; to encourage the student to practice the changed “fundamental sport drill”. Teaching with repitition, good humor, respect, and drilling simple body movements into the players can make the youth sports experience FUN. The idea of FUN is hugely important and valuable. If the kids are not having fun, they will not come back to grow !!! :):):)

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