QUOTE: It’s very hard to accept and cope with the reality that everything broken cannot be fixed and that every problem cannot be solved. All you can do is accept and adapt, making the best out of the best you can do. – Michael Josephson

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  1. It’s interesting and a touch ironic that this ‘can’t do everything’ truism arrived with 801.4 on moral courage.

    As I see it, moral courage requires action when things are especially bad. Maybe we can’t fix everything but some problems must be tackled regardless. To do less is moral cowardice, apathy, complicity, whatever you want to call it.

    You’ll see an example on http://LimitCongress.US. The problem is our broken and co-opted federal government. Fixable? Maybe not. All great nations slid into history’s footnotes in similar ways. But moral courage requires trying; not going quietly into that dark place.


    Ed Herlik

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