QUOTES & POSTERS: Why is it that so many of us wait until it is too late to experience and express real gratitude to those who gave us the gifts of love, wisdom and encouragement?

Why do we wait to put our deepest emotions about someone who made a difference in our lives into eulogies? Everyone should have the pleasure of hearing the eulogies they have earned. The greatest gift you can give [click read more to see poster and remainder of comment)someone you love is to express sincerely your appreciation for the things that they have given you. Be explicit, and specific. Write them a letter – the more detail the better. They will cherish it forever and think about it often. -Michael Josephson

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  1. It is an annual Thanksgiving day tradition for us that each and every person around the table express what it is that they’re thankful for receiving or having. It is always heartwarming and inspiring especially when people really do appreciate the relationships that they have in their lives.

    It is also a great opportunity for parents and their children to connect on a deeper level. For some this might be the very best opportunity that they get to say just how much they do love their family and friends.

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