OBSERVATION: A Personal Note on the School Murders in Connecticut

I find myself crying every time I think about what the families of the murdered children and their teachers are experiencing. I feel cowardly as I force myself to think about something else rather than linger on these thoughts. I have even avoided following the story on TV because I find the feelings of empathy and compassion so intense it is actually painful. I also wrestle with the sense of gratitude that my family was not injured and the sense of guilt I feel for being grateful. Oh, what a terrible time.

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  1. Michael,
    The one thing I would like to see happen is for the media to stop using this unspeakable action as fodder for their political views……….. I urge all media to let these families mourn, these are people whose children were taken away the pain has to be more then anyone can imagine. Please let them see the good in America when they turn on their televisions let them see we care about them, let them feel we are more concerned with there pain and helping them heal instead of using their sad…sad story to make headlines with political bickering!!!!!!!!!

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