When Being Right is Wrong (or Irrelevant)

As I reflected on the year gone by as a prelude to doing better in the year to come I realized how many times I (and others) have caused strife and sometimes done

serious relationship damage with no benefit whatever in an effort to “be right.” I’ve discovered three stages of rightosis: 1) certainty that I am right about something or someone, 2) a desire to be sure others know I am (or was) right, and 3) a desire to have another person not only acknowledge I was right, but that they were wrong. Reasons #2 and 3 are pretty pathetic signs of egotism, but what about #1? Well even if I could be silently and anonymously right (and my certainty is no evidence that I really am right), it’s rare that it really matters to anyone but me whether I’m right or not. The pursuit of being right is a habit I’d like to break. How about you?

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