OBSERVATION: STIRRING THE POT MORE. The intensity of our belief that we are right does not convert our opinions into truth.

Reading the letters responding to my comments on gay rights  I have found that many of the people who have expressed an opinion — whether for or against gay rights  — exhibit the same tendency (one that I find very troubling) to demonize those with contrary views. I think it is just as bigoted of those who agree with my position  to think that those with contrary views are either bad or stupid people as the view of those who oppose gay rights that those who support it have bad character as well as bad judgment.

I want to make it clear, I have great respect for those whose religious or other beliefs lead them to a conclusion that acts of homosexuality are a sin and it would be as wrong for me to treat this as an issue of character. Advocacy of ether position has no place in discussions about character but the willingness to respectfully hear and consider positions we disagree with does.

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