QUOTE: Be bold but be smart. Don’t be afraid to fail or intimidated by the possibility of criticism or ridicule in pursuing your important goals, but don’t take foolish risks either, especially where the upside is small and the downside is serious. Michael Josephson

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  1. “It was whole working to become a competent athlete that I was introduced to the MOST JUST LAW of LIFE. (emphasis mine) That law, stated simply, is
    “If a person will give their best effort everyday, planning and working towards their dreams, in a surprisingly short time, they will notice that they have actually moved in the right direction and they will feel they are not exactly the person they were at the outset, more like the one they need to be and want to be to accomplish their dreams.”
    “One day on the trip back to earth, Bean and his crewmates looked out the window and contemplated the universe they were flying through. “If we had the right computer program in our computer, he told his crewmates, we could figure out where the earth and moon were a million years ago, or where they will be a million years from now. But no computer program could tell you where human beings will be in ten years, or twenty years, or one hundred years from now. Our chances of living the life of our dreams have never been greater in all of human history, and the future looks even brighter. We are unlike anything else we know of in the universe. The only limits we have, he says, are the ones we place on ourselves.”
    Capt. Alan Bean, Apollo 12 astronaut & artist. He and best mate Pete Conrad, his commander had failed their first chance of getting into the Apollo Space Program. When Bean left to pursue a career as an artist, giving up NASA’s offer to command the first shuttle mission his friends and family laughed at him. While many went on to set on boards or start companies with great financial rewards Alan Bean jumped into his art feet first. His works now hang in the Smithsonian and at NASA and sell for 10’s of thousands of dollars. He hung on and made his dream happen twice, even when he failed and his life is forever changed by his determination. He’s been a true inspiration in my life. When I speak in schools about the Apollo program and especially 12 I tell the students of his let downs and his perseverance. Determination, diligence and perseverance are character traits we should practice and pass down to our children. As Churchill said, Never, never, never give up!”

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