QUOTE& POSTER: Abraham Lincoln said, “Folks are generally as happy as they are willing to be.” When you are really ready to be happy there are lots of things in your life you can focus on to create happiness. Choose to be happy. You deserve it. –Michael Josephson

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  1. Michael, I have found that having a true hero in ones life helps them to learn more about character easily. I am a huge Apollo era fan and when I read quotes or a book from the people at NASA I learn more and more how to build a successful life. Not in monetary gains, NASA certainly didn’t pay well in that era but in the “be diligent, responsible, dependable, a team player and of course perseverance”! I can easily see how President Lincoln’s words would inspire you through out life. I tried to teach my children altruism through out their lives but oddly enough Doctor Who was the one that made it click for them! Some people just say the words better than me!

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