WORTH READING: Four interesting letters with divergent opinions on homosexuality.

Letter 1
Of course every person must be loved and respected but not every behavior/lifestyle must be and it is important to separate these 2 things. The fact that homosexuals are sometimes bullied or hated is very sad and unfortunate and reflects how we as a society still struggle with the concept of loving the sinner (we are all sinners) but hate the sin. On the one hand we have those that are hating the person living this lifestyle (the sinner) which is terribly wrong. On the other hand we have those that are embracing, supporting and promoting the lifestyle (the sin) which is very wrong also. The homosexual behavior is destructive to the body, the soul and potentially to society. Putting the spiritual aspect aside for a moment it is proven that gay lifestyle leads to far more disease, illness, depression, suicide and an overall significantly shorter lifespan (please search up the many studies on this). Now if truly we care about someone do we not want to prevent them from going through this. We might try to stop friends and family from smoking or doing drugs or even eating too much unhealthy foods and yet we won’t help prevent them from living this lifestyle. This lifestyle is also by its nature more selfish. Sexual relations should include the mutual possibility of conception to be truly giving. Also, (again shown in studies) children need a mother and father. I won’t go further Michael except to say that I strongly and respectfully disagree with the extent to which you go in supporting the lifestyle rather than just the person. You mean well but may be doing more harm than you realize.
Michael: Like you, I respect those whose opinions differ sincerely from mine, and strive to keep the lines of communication open in such cases, rather than closing them. I have family, friends and acquaintances from many walks of life, each with their own points of reference on this, and so many other matters, as it has always been since the dawn of man.

Letter 2
I have been a born-again Christian, constant in my faith, since 1984…and a homosexual, I’m assuming, since my birth in 1961. I have no memories of feeling differently about my “orientation”. I always knew

I didn’t choose to be a gay male; who would, given all of the cultural disadvantages?
As a younger man in turmoil, I sought counseling, both religious and secular, troubled by the convictions against homosexuality I witnessed, by word and action, from my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. I went so far as to have attended revivals in order to have demons cast from me by celebrated mega-church pastors, at the urging of concerned friends. Prayer and desire to change were a constant in my life during that time.

Three decades later, I’m still a caring and devout Christian, mindful of my love and stewardship of those I’ve come in contact with over the years. I’m also mindful of my upcoming 23rd anniversary of a committed, monogamous and loving relationship with a wonderful man I share my life with. My day-to-day life with him is, I imagine, more similar to than different from lives of heterosexual couples together for a number of years. We work, we go out to dinner and a movie, we have friends over to our home from time to time, we’ll celebrate a birthday or anniversary at a nightspot, we’ll plan for and enjoy the occasional vacation. We have our shared and individual dreams for the future of our lives, and for the future of this great land of ours.

I’d estimate that 10% of our friends and family share our homosexual orientation, a ratio generally accepted as common in all societies, both past and present. We’re not immersed in some imagined subversive gay subculture, but instead, choose to live our lives in “the real world” along with the general populace of varying degrees of virtue, education and political/religious viewpoints. A unique situation in our particular lives is made more difficult to endure as result of current U.S. immigration law…you see, my partner originally entered this country from Mexico without documentation over 25 years ago in order to survive economically. I didn’t know this stark fact when we met, and by the time we’d fallen in love, I couldn’t turn my back on him because of his “illegal” status. We’ve lived our daily lives under the radar since then, constantly in fear of his being found out and deported…which wouldn’t have been an issue, had he been a woman.

The illegitimacy of our relationship in this country would be validated by an expansion to equality status of our rights as citizens of a representative democracy. It must, and will, happen. Those opposing this equality measure today will be on the wrong side of history.
My partner and I aren’t the imagined boogeymen portrayed by the opposition, but rather, the friendly faces who share a smile with you while walking down the street, the men who will open a door for you when your arms are full, or offer the place in front of us in line at the supermarket when you just want to buy a pack of gum. We don’t, I’d imagine, appear “gay” to those we encounter, so it can be harder to receive the overt or closeted disdain that a devout Muslim or African American youth might receive from certain individuals on the street.
It wasn’t until I read this post that I felt incredibly disappointed to learn you really do not have the moral compass you profess. Surely GOD loves all of us and wants us all to repent and turn away from sin. It is very evident you too have fallen for the lies of the enemy (Satan). Scripture clearly speaks of a sick and perverted generation and this is exactly where we have arrived. Your belief in evolution is an indication your are completely lost. One can only pray for you that your eyes will one day be opened to the revelation of who GOD is (our creator). Homosexuality IS a sin. We are all given free will to choose. Someone could easily use the excuse I was “born” to harm others. How ridiculous is this??? You choose to harm others. It is a CHOICE.

Homosexual behavior as with any other behavior is a choice! I am utterly disgusted when I turn on the television and witness depravity at it’s best (two men standing naked in front of each other in a relationship as if this is “normal”). I am saddened and appalled that you are trying to normalize a behavior this is immoral
Letter 4
The truth is what God says about us as His children! We need to see ourselves and others how God sees us. Not as the world sees us! The truth is that we are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, that we are born from above and brand new creations, that we are blessed, loved, restored, healed. That God hears us and love us unconditionally. He made provision for the entire world…not just Christians. We have to appropriate what He has done for us, but we need to confess (agree with God) what God says about us not what the world tells us! People need to know that they are loved, accepted, that God has a plan for their lives. They don’t need people to judge, hate, or condemn one another.

God knew we could never do it, we tried and failed….so God did it on our behalf! Now we need to see ourselves as He does not remind ourselves of our failures. I walk in freedom, because of His life in me….the purpose of the law was so that we would understand that we could never do it ourselves. We needed a Savior and thank God He sent one so freedom is ours. The truth is what God says, not man’s/woman’s opinion. Look in His word and see what He says about His children.

He loves me just the way I am….as a Lesbian walking in freedom and loving God!

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