WORTH WATCHING: There are still some of you who have not seen daughter Aby’s really hilarious “webisode”. If you are one of them, check it out and if you don’t laugh out loud at least once let me know and will will give you a coupon for two free Tacos at Jack in the Box (I get them every time the Lakers win and keep their opponents under 100 points).

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  1. Howdy Michael,
    Granted I am experiencing an up and down day, currently looking for sunshine after my black cloud spouse went out for shopping. However, I did NOT laugh out loud watching your daughter’s video?? It was cute, she is a lovely young lady, but I just am a little dense today apparently ? :):) Please send the coupons to sooth my boring, but hungry soul :):):) God bless and take care, Paul Ahearn :):)

    1. Post

      @ Paul. I am sorry my daughter’s parody did not make you laugh (I thought the stuff about the fight club was a sure thing) but I will pay my debts please send me an address where I can send the coupons. To be sure I don’t forget please send your contact info to may assistant at cfeely@jiethics.org.

  2. Michael, please no debts. Shame on me to ask for the coupons 🙁 I hope I was not out of line, given my aging attitudes have been getting me in trouble on occasion. I was trying to respond with honesty, yet as often as I’ve been “biting my own shoe” lately; hopefully we can enjoy an ice cream cone together someday. Your daughter is a lovely young lady, and congratulations on being a proud Daddie ! :):)

    VACAVILLE NEWS !!! — My neighbor literally rolled out an old fashioned “reel mower” and is cutting her grass this morning. It is the ONLY reel mower I’ve seen operating in recent memory. It looks like great exercise, and NO carbon !! :):):) I hope she will loan or rent it to me :):) Luckily, we both have small lawns.

  3. Hi Michael,

    I got to admit it was funny but I did not laugh out loud. That is because I usually keep my laughs to myself when i am on the train. I will say that ALL of your commentaries have been so helpful in my personal and professional life. I usually take your quotes and share them with my wife and staff. This video will be an excellent piece to share with my staff since work has been a little tough lately.

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