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It’s been a busy month for us as we adjust to our new, very lean staff resulting from the downsizing last month. If you value what we do either personally or what we are doing for the world, please, please consider making a donation here. I know these are difficult times for everyone, but even $5 or $10 could make a difference if enough people contribute.
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I want to call your attention to two new self-test surveys. We hope you enjoy them. 1. The Ideal Employee  Is that you? Score yourself and see.And 2. The True Friend How true are you? Rate yourself.

Finally, we published this week a document we hope will have long-term impact on education.Critical Educational Outcomes: Model Standards for Academic, Social, Emotional, and Character Development. (see more in the posting below) provides educators with a comprehensive road map to integrate all the educational outcomes crucial to preparing students, not only to be ready for college and career(the key goal of the Common Core standards schools are adopting) but to help them lead personally fulfilling and socially responsible lives.

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  1. For goodness sakes, keep on going! (I just donated a fairly decent amount of money which I would like to remain anonymous, please.)

    I had no idea it was getting to be like this…

    Tell me how I can help… 🙂

    1. Post

      Steve, Thank you very much. Part of our problem is that only a tiny portion of the people who regularly read our newsletters and visit our Facebook and blog sites are willing to donate. Less than 2%. When we ask why, the most dominant reasons are: 1) I give to other causes and don’t have enough left, 2) I’m on a fixed income, 3) I just can’t afford to donate and, 4) I like what you do but not than much. Thus, this leaves our economic viability to fee for services and in this economy that is a major challenge. Anyway I am very grateful for your support financially and for your genuine concern. I remain optimistic but we may have to devise another “business plan” (including seeking subscriptions for certain services) to survive.

  2. Dear Michael

    I can see that you are definitely going to need some other business model to succeed.

    You are not alone. Many businesses are failing as things move away from conventional techniques to the revolutionary techniques of this new digital age we are living in.

    Perhaps you should consider some form of crowd-funding. Perhaps you should think about getting a song written about ethics (variation on Christian Rock, perhaps?) Get the song “out there” with clever pushes and hangouts on Google+…

    You may just need a poster girl or some other form of attraction to draw in the crowds. I know it must be difficult, but for me it is an amazingly interesting challenge to combine ethics and mainstream popularity in some form of business-building effort. It is a kind of philosophical paradox in a way…!

    I wish you every luck in your endeavors. Let me know if there is anything I can do to support you further.

    Warm wishes,

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